tPF on your iPhone

  1. Just got an iPhone and I love being able to go online anywhere, anytime! I've set tPF as a bookmark, and I know there's a stripped-down tPF skin for mobile use, but does anyone know how to bookmark the stripped-down version so that it automatically goes to that when I browse on my iPhone? Right now I have to select that version each time.
  2. i'm pretty sure it can't be done on the iphone... but is there a way that i can be "permanently" signed it. one of the biggest disadvantages with the iphone browser is it will not store passwords and i hate the touch keyboard - long nails = a lot of errors LOL
  3. I dont think it can be down w/the iPhone..... I have to switch everytime
  4. i dont use the mobile version on my IPHONE so Im not sure..BUT as long as u stay signed should stay up?no?
  5. ^I don't use the mobile version either on my iPhone.

    The first time I went to tPF I had to sign in....after that first initial visit--I no longer have to sign in. When I go to tPF, I'm automatically signed in.
  6. Why do you need the mobile version for your iPhone?
    I dont use it on mine:shrugs:
    The regular version works just fine.
  7. I don't think you want the mobile version of tPF for the iPhone. Since the iPhone shows the entire web pages, you don't need the mobile version. I have the iPhone as well, just sign in once to tPF and keep the web page open. I've never had to sign in again. If I want to browse a new website, I just open another webpage and type in a web address or use my bookmarks that load from my Safari browser.
  8. OMG, I am so excited I got an Iphone for Christmas(early) and got it so I could have TPF with me all of the time! I don't like the mobile phone version, on my Treo it didn't show pictures. I like the pink/purple version!
  9. The skin is "attached" to your user ID, not the device you're using. So, when you choose a skin, once you log in, that skin will be used no matter the device. (correct me if I'm wrong, Vlad/Mods)
    But like it was said...the point of getting an iPhone is so you don't have to view mobile sites, you can view the webpage as if it was on your PC.
    Oh, and just to note...the iPhone isn't the only phone that displays TPF as intended. I can see the regular version just fine om my Treo 650 (I use Opera Mini browser) and my friend's AT&T 8525 shows it fine too.
  10. I cant wait to use my iphone. Im trying to wait until Christmas to open it since it's the only present I have so far.
  11. Sorry, I'm admittedly very un-techy (obviously!) but I thought the mobile version loads more quickly? When I'm on a wireless network this doesn't matter but if I'm in an area where I can't connect (and have to use AT&T's "Edge"), it's super that's why I thought the mobile version would be better...?
  12. I have a TReo 650, and after getting the Iphone I feel so spoiled now I can see real close up on the pages, because my eyesight is getting worse( need new glasses). I love the fact you can enlarge any part of TPF!!!
  13. I think the speed is the same on mobile version as the blue and pink colored version. Basically it's Edge if there is no WIFI to connect to.
    I just can't see pictures on the mobile version. Besides with IPHONE the whole point is we get to see real pages just like on our computers at home or work!
    I LOVE:heart: mine.
  14. Well, technically, yeah. The mobile version will load faster cause it doesn't load pics and scripts. But you bring up one of the larger weaknesses of the iPhone...its EDGE internet. Not everyone's gonna be in the range of wifi, so you'll have to rely on EDGE, which is rather slow.
    No one seems to believe me when I say there are better phones out there. ;)
  15. what other phones do you think are better? I am looking for a new phone. I was going to wait until Jan. 15 for MacWorld and see if Apple announces any upgrades or changes to the iPhone. I am currently using a Treo that I am not loving