tPF Official Coach Spring 2012 Preview!

  1. I emailed JAX and they said there is currently no information that says the pleated leather will be made in a Lindsey! Sad! I'm not sure a regular Sophia will be big enough for me :sad:
  2. I was never a fan of the Lindsey either. I bought and returned the regular leather several times but I needed a little more structure in the bag. I saw this and fell in love and she is just the right amount of structure with the perfect softness. I also thought the regular leather looked funny with how long it was, but this one is more rounded at the bottom, making it look less long. If that makes sense lol
  3. Ugh! Hopefully they do anyways! Red Sophia is not big enough for me either! :sad:
  4. I saw the scarf print wristlets today at my fp boutique that matches the DDs of the Charlie and the Jayden. Its more like a canvas material....not a fan!
  5. Wow! A real beauty!!! More pics please!!

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  6. Pics of a couple of Waverly butterfly accessories...

    Zip Around Wallet 47635, $198
    Small Wristlet 47637, $58
  7. We've seen the burnt orange Sophia. Here's a pic of the parchment Tossed Laser Sophia #19626. Also available in shell pink.

    Second pics shows the Lace Leather Maggie #19625 in parchment. Also available in shell pink. On the right is the Mini Sophia #19704 in shell pink. Also available in parchment.
    xTossedLaser1_Page_1.jpg xTossedLaser2a.jpg
  8. So pretty! Can't wait to see the shell pink.
  9. thanks for posting these....Would you happen to have the style # of the butterfly keychain?
  10. Sorry, forgot that one. It's the Leather Stripe Butterfly Keyfob #93143 and is $38.
  11. butterfly keychain #93143
    the color red sophia diagonal pleated is called ruby and is available to order now.
  12. More pics of the Lace Leather Maggie #19625...
    19625_a3.jpg 19625_a9.jpg
  13. I still wish large Sophia's were coming back! Whaaaaaa....

    thanks for posting these lovely shots of the Sophia's...just makes we wish for the large...*sigh*
  14. I'm so happy I like the butterfly accessories since I ordered one without having seen pictures!
  15. Me too! I'd love the pleated in a large sophia - especially in ruby!!