tPF Official Coach Spring 2012 Preview!

  1. I LOVE it! I think this will be on my list. I am a sucker for navy! This will be perfect in the summer....and the rest of the year too!
  2. New Madison Diagonal Pleated Leather Sophia, $428.00
    20181p_b4rb_a0.jpg 20181p_svbk_a0.jpg 20181p_svgy_a0.jpg
  3. How fabulous....I need a red bag too!!
  4. ^ I know right! It seems to be a pilot bag so I hope they will introduce these in more colors! I don't really want/need a red bag, and I already have a black Marielle and gray chevron Sophia (neither of which I will ever let go!)
  5. ^love it!
  6. new colors!

    Poppy Leather Pushlock Satchel, $378.00


    Poppy Leather Pushlock Tote, $398.00
    17888_sviy_a0.jpg 17888_svsf_a0.jpg 17924_sviy_a0.jpg 17924_svsf_a0.jpg
  7. LOVE the black pleated sophia - I need a black bag.....
  8. Love all of these!!

  9. Oh my, these are unique! If they come out with different colors I might be able to justify another Sophia!
  10. The yellow satchel will be my downfall! Gorgeous color!
    Thanks so much for posting!
  11. <-------(faints)
  12. Does anyone own a Poppy pushlock tote now? Is the strap drop on it really only 7 inches???
  13. I think I just died a little bit!! Sooo gorgeous! Anyone know if they are making a Lindsey in this?!?
  14. Wow! :drool: Not really a fan of the Lindsey but this one is making me reconsider. Congrats!
  15. Must have the red. Are these available to order?