tPF NYC Happy Hour?

  1. Anybody in NYC to schedule a Happy Hour? I think that'd be fun! :yahoo: :heart:
  2. HAHA for sure. Where and when? OOO how about sushi anyone for sushi? I think I am just hungry.
  3. Where & when?
    I don't like sushi :throwup:
  4. How about Mexican? Dos caminos has great drinks and appetizers their guacamole is amazing!!
  5. ?????????????????
  6. I'm up for any types of food!
  7. ooooh that sounds like fun! i'm down!
  8. What happened? no more happy hour :tispy: :sad:
  9. It did sound like fun
  10. Ohh Dos Caminos... sooo amazing!!

    Wish I were back in NYC :crybaby:
  11. You all should def get together though!
  12. Awww. This sounded like fun.