TPF now I only come to the LV site...

  1. Just noticed that I am so loyal when I come to the purse forum I only check out the LV section...I cannot even go to Gucci, Prada or MJ anymore. I must totally be hooked on LV.. tried to go to the Gucci section and it lasted 10 seconds and I came back home to the LV thread..weird huh??? do not think I will be able to buy any other brand in the future..LV has got to me...all my other bags are being neglected..anyon else have this bizarre issue???
  2. Yeah me too, this is the only subforum I check, sometimes rarely I browse some of the others, to see what they talk about like Hermes (a girl can dream right) I used to go to Coach to, but I don't even go there anymore.
  3. Oh I only come straight here...haven't been anywhere else here
  4. same here :yes:

    once in a while i do check out the other part of tPF though
  5. I only joined because of this subforum, and it's the only place I like to post.
  6. LOL, I hear you. I've been neglecting my other forums :crybaby:.This is the first place I go when I get on the pc.
    Then I seem to forget there are other sub forums here :shrugs:
  7. First and foremost, I come to this forum....maybe about 10% of the time, I check out the Balenciaga section...those are my 2nd favorite....I think they are timeless as well, IMHO. :smile:
  8. ONLY here:yes:
  9. Yes, I've gone here much more lately now...I used to not come here as much because I thought it was a "bad influence" so I would peruse the Coach and general handbag forums...but now I go there less often. I still like looking at Coach, Fendi, and Burberry, but this place seriously takes up most of my time.

    And everyone here is so nice!
  10. Only LV for me! :yes:
  11. IN terms of handbag subforums...this is my only place!
  12. Me too.. can you guess ? :graucho:
  13. Heehee this is my fave handbag subforum as well.

    I just LOVE the fact that LV doesn't have sales....EVER. Or outlets.

    The other brands are beautiful as well, but I don't want to drop 1k on, say, a Gucci bag just to have it go on sale in 2 months!!!
  14. This is true for me too. I spent 99% of my time here.
  15. i only come here..i've been to the dior and gucci forums a couple of times..but i guess the posting rates here are so high that i keep refreshing and reading new threads!!!

    i just love it when forum members are so active! congrats everyone (+me)!!