tPF Newbie Chat Thread

  1. Hi mods!

    I'm wondering if it's a good idea to open a chat thread specifically for tPF newbies to post whatever immediate queries, concerns or whatnots they want to bring up?

    I noticed that a lot of newbies specifically those with 5 posts and below hi-jack other threads (even those that have not been active for YEARS) to discuss, comment or ask about something that is oftentimes not even related to the topic of the thread they hi-jacked/activated unnecessarily. I know they do this because of the limitations of having a low post count (being unable to start their own thread) or they probably get lost in the forum not knowing where to start -- that's why I think there should be a thread specifically for them which will sort of guide and welcome them in a way, let them meet fellow newbies, help them learn the ins and outs of tPF, etc.

    I think this will help filter out these distracting and sometimes annoying :p activities (sorry LOL) from them :yes: