tPF Necklace ...

  1. Is pictured in ad for Future Fashionista on Perez hilton

  2. Cool!
  3. Damn- The website is blocked by the filter at my work!
  4. Ha ha Someone finally noticed! I was talking with Vlad a few days ago and I hope it brings a few visitors over here. I listed the charm on a couple different pages on my site, including the news page which directly links it to here.
  5. I was reading my daily blogs , and i look @ it like hat look
  6. OMG Lance from NSync is GAY??? That's where that link lead me.. and I am shocked! LOL!

    Oh and I didn't see the ad? I'll keep refreshing the page.. maybe I missed something!
  7. How fun!
  8. cool !!!
  9. awesome!
  10. yay!
  11. Tre cool! It says it's also listed in USWEEKLY! WOW!
  12. I posted it again on there and after talking to Vlad, we put in two links directly to TPF in the first sentence of the Blogad.

    Hopefully it will draw some nice visitors to the site here. :yes:
  13. too bad i can't afford it :sad:
  14. Good going!
  15. It looks gorgeous-I still need one!:yes: