TPF National Meet 2019

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  1. Chkpfbeliever, where are you?!?!

    Time to ditch 2018 and start planning for 2019. This will be the fifth year, right? Will there be a wood/brown theme?
  2. Hope you and the wifey come so we can meet!!!!
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  3. Where did the wood / brown theme come from? :nuts:
  4. Are we still doing April?
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  5. DH Sucker, thanks for starting the thread on the National meet. I guess I've to live up the expectations. Cannot believe that it is our 5th one. Maybe we should make it a more memorable one with a theme. I like that it is a 'Wood' anniversary.
    Will start to throw some dates in for a vote.
  6. Officially kicking off the planning of our 5th National meet with some dates while it is still early. Continuing on the tradition of having it iin early Spring after tax returns, please cast your vote on the dates below. Or throw in suggestions of other dates that you've in mind.

    April - 20th or 27th or
    May - 4th

    For those that have not attended one in the past, our national meet runs for a full day on Saturday starting with lunch and fun games before store visits and dinner. Sunday is a travel day and there is no program. To qualify for the meet, you must be on TPF for six months or more with at least 500 posts.

    PM me if you like to sign up with the date vote by Jan 31st. Let's start planning ! :yahoo::yahoo:
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  7. Planning for April after tax returns. Check the dates in my other post and cast your vote. Thanks.
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  8. Traditionally, a 5th year anniversary is associated with wood. That’s a far cry from gold, which is for the 50th anniversary.
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  9. Boy, I'll be dead when the National meet hits the 50th anni but hopefully another generation will take over. LOL !
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  10. The 20th is Easter weekend so that may not be good for most. So I vote for 4/27. :tup:
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  11. Where is the National meet held? May 4th works great for me. This would be my first meet and I’d love to meet you All!
  12. I'm good with any of those dates but probably 4 May is best.
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  13. I'd like May 4th, please. The weather should be really nice by then.
  14. I will be moving around the time of the meet up (haven't officially set our date but we have a bit of swing). Therefore, I'll abstain from voting and will try to make the date work!
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  15. Hi Odedihaims, the meet is in Vegas and I picked it as there are three H stores to be bad. They have great restaurants too.