TPF Mulberry meeting Bicester Sunday July 5th

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  1. Everyone welcome!!!
    We'll meet up outside the Mulberry store at Bicester outlet village at 11am on Sunday 5th July! (inside the store if it's raining)
    Hope you can make it!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Jo - You're a star, you couldn't have picked a better weekend.

    Shhhhh don't tell everyone but it's my birthday on the 6th. ;)
  3. ^^You won't get away without buying something then!
    I'm in, 5th is good for me.
  4. It will be a good opportunity to speak to the main players in Hulahoop's wedding as well, hopefully the doughnut seller is there on a Saturday!
  5. I'll be there!
  6. Jo - I'll pick you up if you want as I will need to pass through cambs to get there.
  7. Are ya'll going to buy snoods?
  8. ^^^Yay, snoods all round :yahoo:Yipedee dooo be dooo
    Im in, it's gone straight in the diary :tup:

    Riff, my ex's birthday was the 6th July - that makes you a Cancer if I remember correctly?
  9. Count me in-hopefully and I can see the lovely ladies on TPF!!!
  10. Aly - yes I'm a cancerian, although I doubt I take after my star sign as I'm not at all maternal and cancerians are supposed to be the mothering type!
  11. Woohoo!! Count me in :yahoo:
  12. Oh that's interesting, I didn't realise that. Well, he wasn't the mothering type :lol: more the selfish git variety really :rolleyes:

    ETA meant in response to Riff, but yipee, looking forward to meeting you Hula!
  13. ^^^ lol!
  14. ooh Riff- you have to buy something for your birthday!!!!! We'll chat about lifts nearer the time but sounds good:tup:
  15. yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'll be there! what fun!