TPF Mobile Appreciation

  1. I looked through the threads down here since TPF Mobile was launched and didn't see anything quite like this.


    You have NO idea how the mobile skin is saving my sanity. Soon, any other ill and bedridden (and internet-less) tpfer will know how much of a lifesaver the mobile skin is.

    It's been such a welcome distraction and fun place to be when you can't be out of bed and don't have wifi. I don't feel like I'm totally cut off from the rest of the world.

    I can remember trying to read classic TPF on my sidekick and it being bogged down with the images (poor thing tried and tried). The mobile version just zips through. AND... it plays well with mobile devices as per cookies, etc.

    So THANK YOU for retaining a small portion of my sanity.

  2. Me too. Am on my phone as we speak!
  3. I just got a new phone yesterday with internet capabilities. I was enthusiastically telling DH at dinner that the purse forum comes with a mobile version. Poor guy, he doesn't care, but I'm excited!
  4. Ok, I can read the forum on my phone, great layout by the way, but I can't sign in. I get a message that says in order to accept post, the admin must add the domain to the white list. I assume it's not something I'm doing wrong :shrugs:
  5. A quick question for you tpf mobile users: how do you turn it off and return to the *regular* skin?

  6. nevermind, I figured it out!

    For anybody with the same question: go to *My Control Panel* and then to *Edit Options*. You can choose between the forum skins in a drop-down box at the very end of the page!
  7. Praezise!
  8. Uh, do I need to do the skin changing on my mobile phone or do I need to do it beforehand on my PC? :shame:
  9. You need to switch the skin on your mobile phone.
  10. ^Thanks!
  11. thanks for the mobile version, it really helps a lot!!!
  12. Indeed... THANK YOU for this awesome mobile skin! :smile:

    (P.S. This is great for work. There are no flashy graphics/colors (except lil smillies), so it looks like I'm reading documents, looking over regular 'ol text and not visiting w/ my forum friends! :lol:)