TPF member sold FAKE Chanel on ebay HALL OF SHAME!!

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  1. There is a TPF member sold my fd's a fake Chanel baby cabas, my fd is not a Chanel expert so she did not realize her bag was a fake one.

    The listing has been authenticated by our fellow Chanel expert and they agreed the cabas was fake

    I am sorry but I have to disclose her TPF id - xxxx, she just listed a burberry on eBay so please watch out!:tdown:

    actually, no you do not "have to disclose her tpF ID":nogood: this thread is full of enough drama, we don't allow members to call one another out publicly like this.
  2. Hi, although I do not condone fakes, I dont think it is appropriate to "Out" a member on here until we know all the facts, maybe she does not know they are fake ?. If you have a problem with her then I think PMing her would be good to let her know that her bags are fake and PMing a mod if there are any problems. :smile:
  3. That's too bad, I hope you guys can straighten it out.
  4. true. Just because someone says that are a tPF member doesn't mean they truly are one. It could be they just signed up or just use that to make people feel secure. Sorry your friend got a fake-she should report it to eBay and Paypal immediately.

    Hmm-just looked at the auction, I don't see anyplace where it says this woman is a tPF member.
  5. ^^^^^^^ I just did a search, and she has posted
  6. I just want to say, we do not allow members to call out other members like this. If you have a problem w/ someone PM them or a Mod/Admin. If you haven't contributed to tPF enough for PM privileges then contribute a little.
    I removed the name as it's not permitted.

    Last thing is anyone here could be selling fakes, we don't have a rule that says you can't be a member if you sell fakes on eBay. We're not about to attempt to police all 91,000+ members. If you aren't breaking OUR rules, not much we can do. If you see a fake Chanel, post it in the Chanel Shopping Forums thread for fakes, we can't have a new thread for every fake people spot:nogood:

    That said, we truly despise fakes here and I truly hope the Seller makes it right for your friend.:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.