TPF meeting in San Diego?

  1. Anyone? On a weekend for a day of shopping, lunch and FUN!!??:tup:
  2. That sounds fun!! I'm only about 45 minutes north of SD...
  3. I would love to make the 3 hour drive for a meet-up! (Don't worry.. ANY real shopping is 3 hours away for me :crybaby:)
  4. That's the saddest thing I've heard all day :sad: lol. We would have to make it extra good for it being such a long journey for you!!
  5. ^^ when when when?? :smile:
  6. Sounds fun!
  7. i'm interested!! .. let me know details! :smile:
  8. Is a Saturday okay for eeveryone??
  9. Maybe a Saturday in September?
  10. yaaa! i CAN'T do this saturday .. i usually work saturdays .. so unless i know in advance then saturdays are crazy for me!

    .. i just have to plan a little better and then i could do a sat =)
  11. Wait, wait!! As in YESTERDAY'S Saturday? Nooo! How about the 25th? (just to throw a date out) I know some northern CA PFers are getting together at the Desert Hills outlets on Sept. 1st.
  12. Hey ladies, a Saturday in September? Actually I could do Sunday too...

    early September (I just can't on September 7th coz my DH's bday heehe)

    any other Saturday/ Sun in September is good for me...

    let me know gals!
  13. Damn, I cant go, I'll be in Toronto till the 15th of Sept. Well if you do it after then I can go. So count me as a maybe depending on the date.
  14. Ill sticky this for you guys....
  15. ^thanks Jill

    hey F, we can do it after Sept 15!
    which date is good for u?

    any objections??