TPF Meeting in PARIS / FRANCE in 2008 ???

  1. So I was just thinking what would you guys think about a TPF meeting in Paris, sometime next year?

    Maybe may or june ...

    Depending on number of people intrested and available dates I would be fine to try to pull something together.
  2. I may be going APRIL 5th for a week on my daughters spring break!
  3. there's an hermès one in late april (17th-21st) :graucho:
  4. I'll be there April 18th to the 25th...around the same time the Hermes group is meeting. Would love to meet others. Thusfar, I am going solo since none of my friends have committed.
  5. April sounds good...let's see who else will be around and if we can pull smth together. I avoid the Hermès forum...:p :sweatdrop: but why not try to work smth around.
    We can see who else is intrested and finalise things by the end of 07 ?!
  6. you should come :nuts: you can be another person not carrying an H bag :lol:
  7. awww I will be there a month later in may!! sorry I will miss you all.
  8. LV's having one July 9th (see my sig The Pilgrimage) so I'll be there for that
  9. For those going to Paris in April, where are you booking hotels at? Is anyone else coming form the Washington, Dc area?
  10. If you decide to have another get-together in the fall, we'll be in Paris from 12 Oct - 16 Oct. :yahoo:
  11. I'm staying at the Mercure in the Opera district (9th arrondisement). Since I only have two nights (spending four more nights in Reims), I want to be in the prime shopping area. But I'll be there April 14th and 15th, so I'll miss all the other tpf'ers.
  12. I will be visiting Paris from April 30- May 9, I would love to come!
  13. I´d be interested too, anytime really, I "just" need to fly from Denmark.
  14. I rented a nice, one bedroom apartment in Paris from April 12 to May 15. I just sprained my ankle and will be unable to walk so had to cancel on short notice. :sad:

    :crybaby:The property manager said I will lose my deposit if she can’t re-rent the place. ( No, I didn’t take out trip insurance. Yes, I’ve learned the hard way what an incredibly stupid oversight that was.) If anyone on TPF has an interest in taking over my lease - either the whole time or a smaller increment – please PM me.

    The apartment is on St. Honore near the Louvre and probably a 10 minute walk from The Mothership. I can provide photos and a full description. I am hoping that I can find a win-win solution to my huge dilemma.
  15. I'm excited, I can't wait!