TPF Meeting in Manchester UK :YAY!:

  1. Hi all, I thought I could set this up and if we get enough people we can go ahead with it. Im thinking sometime in late December or early January. So this will probably be the first TPF meeting in Manchester. I was thinking that we could meet up in a restaurant and have a meal and a few drinks. Im a guy so girls, guys and transgender/transexuals are all welcome. Its gunna be such fun.
    I realised that there are so many of us who are from the manchester area so It would be great if we could all meet matter what label of bag we buy...everyone is welcome. If even some people want to come down from other parts of the Uk that would be great.
    Please everyone share your Ideas for time and dates and also restaurants we could go to.
    Put your name down if your interested ! :flowers:
  2. anyone :smile:
  3. Hey Hun, Just spoken to you on msn, I'm definitly interested, It should be a fabulous day! We will have to buy some AMAZING bags lol! I'll have a chat with a few other memebers on the PF that I know live in the area, and see what they think!
    Chat with you soon :flowers:
  4. I would go, but I live in the states. Good luck and I am bumping for ya!
  5. I'd go if I happened to be in Manchester at the time! (I'm coming at the end of this month, don't know about that far in advance.)
  6. I will make this a sticky for you!
  7. Thanks Jill, Its really appreciated!
  8. I was thinking that somewhere like Birmingham would be a good place to meet up, as it is fairly central (to England, at least)?
  9. Thankyou Honey :smile:
  10. Sounds great, but may I ask why manchester? But not the capital (were alot of the members are from) London?

    Most of the stores we speak of in this forum are here too?

    Just a suggestion. Its easier of people to come down to London.
  11. There's no way I could really do Birmingham, maybe we could do one here and then one in Birmingham. I think Birmingham is about 2 train rides away from me (I would have to swap trains) so I would have to get the train with the other TPF members who are from the Liverpool/manchester region. But maybe we can see how it goes :smile:
  12. Sorry London is so far away from me, at least 5 hours on the train. What about if we did one which was set up in London for TPF members in the london region, one in burmingham set up for the TPF members in burmingham and I will set up the one in manchester :flowers:
  13. what I was going to say also was that Manchester has a Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and also a Louis Vuitton and other designer stores so its very similar to London.
  14. London Brat - is there no way you could get down manchester, I do get what your saying about London but it is very far for me and I suppose im one of the younger members of this forum and I know manchester well. Iam in London at the end of november/beggining of december so If we did it then that would be fine by me. It will be my first time in London lol so I need someone to show me round. :smile:
  15. I understand your point but I am just pointing out that its the capital (as well as the capital of fashion) and most of the UK members on the forum are either from London, live close or travel here often.

    Ofcourse it easier for you, but I think considering the majority and the convenience of the other members from the UK would be more important. Please don't forget there are several member here, and not only you (this sounds harsh- I dont mean it that way, but lets be reasonable please. Tere are many other members on this forum).As "all roads reach to London" ;) and its central as well as easy to get to and has many options for shopping and well as eating and sightseeing, it may be a option to consider.

    London IS one of the top fashion cities, I'm sure UK members who are not from herewould LOVE a visit to Harrods and Harvey Nicks as well, eh? ;)

    Also, organising a meeting in Manchester one in Birmingham and one in London will result in only 2-5 people ending up in each location. We want to have a fun get-together!

    (P.S You said you are a younger member of the forum-most Ukers here are not ancient either! I JUST turned 24! Spring chicken, me!)