tPF meeting in Copenhagen?

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  1. yay, a thread! :yahoo:

    i haven't planned any weekends in may so that would be great, and i'm free the second and third weekends in june. i'm also free the second to last weekend in april but that might be a bit early for you?
  2. late april could work and I'm free throughout may. I'm going away for at least two weeks in either june or july (convention thing, so I'm not sure exactly when), but apart from that I'll be free until late august. And yeah, some weekend (a saturday?) sounds good.
  3. ok, I updated my siggy to see if we can attract more scandinavians and germans and whoever other will be interested
  4. hmm, this really sounds like a fun idea and I've never been to scandinavia before, so that's another reason to go
  5. may would be great for me, i haven't planned any london weekends in april yet and i know i'll want one.
  6. oooh i'll put it in my sig too!
  7. may sounds good. Strøget, here I come - I seriously love Birger Christensen.. And as said, the male SAs at vuitton :drool:

    Kittie Copenhagen is wonderful. I love my country, but copenhagen is amazing in the summer and have great stores :love:
  8. Oh I forgot - can some mod please make this sticky? :flowers:
  9. hahah birger christensen is on the way to my local supermarket --- irma at illum :roflmfao: well it's not the closest but it's about 30% cheaper than magasin and the nettos that are close to me.. ummm.. i don't really want to eat many things they sell!
  10. Making this a sticky
  11. thanks jill!
  12. Thanks Jill! :smile:
    Chanel and Hermes is a part of Birger Christensen, right? I'm aiming to buy a Chanel bag this summer and hopefully some small H goodies as well, so I definately want to go there. Besides that, I'm not really familiar in Copenhagen.. Any good cafees etc?
  13. chanel is a part of birger christensen but hermès have a stand-alone boutique on the block to the right of magasin towards amager torv. it's a decent size actually! well bigger than the airport ones anyway, about as big as the ground floor of bond st (don't know if they have other floors).

    i really like café norden even though it's a bit touristy (they have cute waiters :graucho: ), but i should spread my wings a little..

    ooh and there are good restaurants and some nice bars, but i'll do some research before the meet you know, so you can have a good time :graucho:
  14. Cool! I've only been to the Hermes in the airport and although the SA's were really sweet, it was kinda small. Then again, I avoided the H in the city on purpose because if I have money in Hermes - I will spend it all there :shame: Anyways, how's Magasin? I've actually only been to Chanel and LV in the city, I know it's emberassing, but it was winter and I was a woman on a mission, lol.
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