tPF makes you want more LV?

  1. Hello, this is my first thread here.

    I discoverd this forum when I was contemplating buying an Azur Speedy 30. I don't think I'm into designer bags, but really liked the design after I saw a girl carrying it. After lurking a while, and tried on the Azur vs. the Damier, I went with the the the Damier Speedy 30. It was an expensive purchase and I really like my Speedy. However, I never thought I'd want (read "need") another one!

    I don't have my heart set on a particular one yet, but I really feel I need to pick up another LV when DH and I take our trip to Las Vegas this Xmas. Honestly, I feel if I hadn't been on tPF this much, I wouldn't want more LV at all! I don't fall in love with a design at once, but some just grow on me after a while, especially after I see them in real person.

    I think I'm trying to resist the temptation by posting this thread. Afterall, I'm still in school, and there isn't many occasion that I use a designer bag.

    So do any of you feel the same? at all?
  2. Yes, once I bought my first, then all I could think about was what my next would be! Although at the time I told myself it would be my one and only designer purse and it would make me happy forever! And that was before I even found TPF. Now, it's not just LV ... TPF has helped make me obsessed about so many other labels as well. :smile:

    Oh! And welcome!
  3. This place is pure evil on my LV obsession. I bought 2 LV's this week alone. It never stops it only gets worse.
  4. YES!!! this forum makes me wnat more and more... if i didn't know about this, i would be find with what i have, but new releases keep coming out and i keep wnating more... and then people looks so great with thier bags, makes me want it too... even though i don't need it... i want it!!
  5. pure evil....
    I have always loved bags but my love has x 10 since I found TPF
  6. before i was active on this board i would buy LVs whenever i made the trip over there. but there is such a wealth of information on this wishlist is 10x long!!!!

    but its nice to converse with people who share your same love/addiction.
  7. Well, I have always had a tremendous love for LV. I only stumbled across TPF 2 months ago and I've aquired one bag since then. I wouldn't say it's making me buy more bags (I think I already have a lot and I want to use the bags that I have) but it's making me more informed about upcoming lines thus enabling me to carefully plan/choose my next buy.
  8. yup. things i thought looked ugly or not my style, i see it on a tpf member and it opens a whole new world for me! and makes me poooooor. lol.
  9. This forum definitely makes my LV obsession worse - all the info of upcoming items and hype about it, and being surrounded by people who understand and encourage LV purchases...evil! But I love it anyway, it's like an escape from a world of people that usually deem me crazy for spending so much on "just a handbag" :p
  10. Sometimes, especially when the new product sheets and info about upcoming lines are posted. Then I get myself on the lists for what I want lol.
    But as far as that goes, I had the bulk of my collection before TPF. :yes:
  11. I don't think the forum makes it worse... it is an addidction! Pure evil! LOL!

    My husband may kill me soon :roflmfao:

    It is nice to know that I am not the sick and demented person with this crazy addidction!
  12. Ditto.

    I think TPF has a HUGE enabling community. The LVs look great on everyone and it makes you want to get everything. I must admit that TPF fuels my addiction like mad!:graucho:

    That said, I love everything about TPF - you get to share your joy, your problems, ask for help, get newest updates, go crazy together. And the best part, we are everywhere around the world. :yahoo:

    I only had one bag when I first joined, now, I have 7 others and some small stuff too. OHHHHHHH. I am SO addicted.
  13. yes!!!:nuts: i just joined TPF like 1 mth ago..but it convinced me enuf to get that Damier Saleya!! and i'm loving the bag to death..:yahoo:
  14. Its a love and hate

    I love sharing with others, new purchases and new infos...but the enabling is dangerous for fules the fire!!!
  15. Yep tpf is evil.
    I would have never bought the Miroir lockit if i hadnt been on here for the fact i wouldnt have know about it!