tPF LVers Secret Sign

  1. Ever since joining, I've been so enamored of so many of you here. I wished there was a special tPF LV decal/charm that we could attach to our LVs that if I saw one of you out there with that on your bag that I would know it was someone from this board and perhaps can strike up a convo with!

    Or perhaps give that knowingly secret nod while we check each other's LV out. :sneaky:

    Or am I a total nerd for thinking this? :sweatdrop: If so, don't mind me. :p
  2. LOL, I think it would be such a cute idea!!! Vlad? Whenever I go to LV or when I see someone holding an LV, I wonder if they're a fellow TPFer.
  3. Oooh. ITA. I've often wanted to ask people with LV if they're members of tPF but i don;t want them looking at me like i'm crazy. We have a "gang sign" for my school, (its just a joke and its just because were a bunch of arts school kids) where you put your right pinky under you right eye.
  4. someone in the general forum was talking about a silimar thing once like a secret code you can throw into converstaion at see if your suspected TPfer responds. it's a cute idea
  5. I'VE GOT IT!!!

    You know how back when it wasn't ok 2 be gay they would ask if you were a friend of dorothy.

    We can ask are you a friend of Megs and Vlad?
  6. It would be neat to have a sign for fellow tpf members.
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I love it. But what if I walk up to someone and ask? They'd look at me like:wtf:
  8. ^^ all good ideas but i would be afraid to even strike up a convo first if i can't visually see that they belong to the "Code of the LVer". :ninja:
  9. i think the little charm on the bag is a good idea!
  10. Love the idea. I am all for it.
  11. that would be great!! i like the idea of the charm, too
  12. Great idea! I love the idea of a bag charm!
  13. that is a really cute idea i like the charm for the bag
  14. i would like something, too. i feel like a lunatic staring at ppls bags- and them- to see if they make eye contact. :nuts:
  15. ooooooo, I likes it!!!!!!