tPF Lvers Secret Sign **POLL**


Which secret sign do you want to use?

  1. RAOK Keychain (per Twinkle.Tink)

  2. Lock N Key Bag Charm

  3. Koala Bracelet / Wish Bracelet

  4. Heart Bag Charm

  5. Eiffel Tower

  6. Other...please describe in thread

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. per some of your requests, here's a poll for curiosity's sake on which secret sign we should all sport to know who amongst us is a fellow tPF LVer and approachable. :sneaky:

    tia for your participation!
  2. I love the RAOK keychain idea, and second choice would be the koala bracelets!
  3. hmmm.. i am actually torn between twinkle.tink's key chain and the lock and key... can i vote for 2?:confused1:
  4. Vote for Koala bracelets to identify TPF members...
  5. Me, in my laziness votes for the one I already searched we discussed in the other thread if you want this one, e-mail me. After all the votes are in if there is significant interest in other specialized items, I can try and find them through my promo contacts wholesale :smile:

  6. drat, forgot to say....if you did e-mail, I am not ignoring you....just going to wait a day or two to get all the e-mails in and do a count!
  7. I voted for twinks keychain. So cute :girlsigh:
  8. I think the bracelet idea is more open to everyone, fashionable, more choices and we'll be supporting Louis Vuitton along the way!
  9. OK those bracelets are beautiful! How much are they?
  10. I vote for the Koala bracelet! I've never seen anyone wearing one of these, so I think it would be easy to identify members.
  11. Well, I'm just throwing out some thoughts here:

    I think it's a good idea to have a bag charm of some sort because that's something that can always be on your bag as opposed to something like a bracelet because you may not always be wearing the bracelet.

    But, then I'm thinking, well if we go with something silver-toned, that's not going to match on a bag with gold hardware (so the person may not use it) and if we go with gold-toned, won't match on silver hardware. So maybe something that's kind of neutral that will match no matter what kind of bag a tPF'r is carrying? Just thinking outloud. :smile:
  12. I think everyone getting bracelets can get expensive, and I dont see many TPFer's running out and buying them, plus other people besiders TPFers have the bracelets, so how can we differentiate between a TPFer wearing one and a regular person wearing one? I think tinks keychain or an eiffel tower or some kind of charm would be best. What if we even have two charms? A gold eiffel tower charm for gold hardware bags and Tinks charm for silver colored hardware?
  13. Love Tinks idea!!!
  14. twinks keychain! great price, and available to tpfers ONLY!
    anybody can get the koala
  15. I think Twinkle's keychain is adorable. The bracelet just seems to be kind of pricey, besides the fact that I'd really never wear mine. I don't like those types of bracelets.