TPF LV Private Event in Banff Alberta October

  1. Just in case you haven't seen the note under LV Meetings and want to join us in Banff -- the LV there is holding a private event for tPF and we are sending out our invitations soon - if you are coming to the area in October or live in Alberta you may wish to check out the thread at the link below :smile:
  2. OMG!!! How Cool!!! I wish the one in Los Angeles would do the same for us. I am not a VIP to be invited to the normal events they have.
  3. OMG that is so cool. I wish i did not have school or to work :crybaby:.
  4. how cool. SF needs to have one of these.
  5. Just FYI this is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (Sunday)
  6. OMG this is so cool, I wish I lived in the area! Have a wonderful time everyone!
  7. Especially for tPF?
  8. Yes, they are closing the store for the LV Purse Forum Members for an Invite Only event in Banff on behalf of Jazzie, Karman and Myself and LV will be sending out the invitations for us once we compile the list -- visit our thread for more info. They will be donating a small amount of the proceeds during the event to charity on TPF members behalf as well.
  9. OOo:huh:o I wish I could go! But I can't be tempted to spend any more money than I have and I never know if I'll have to work on any given weekend. :sad: I hope you all have tons of fun!!!
  10. wow thats so amazing!! congrats and have fun!
  11. Oh I wonder if I should take the 8-hour roadtrip there...Sounds great!
  12. WOW Tina...that is amazing!!! Wish I had an excuse to be in the area (or the country for that matter LOL)
  13. Awww, that sounds so fun! I wish I could be there...but I'm expecting a lot of school work. :sad:
  14. OMG wow that sounds amazing, good on you for organising this. Im only sorry that I cant come, maybe oneday :crybaby:
  15. Oh wow that sounds so much fun!
    Have a great time everyone!