TPF Los Angeles / So Cal Feb. 09th pics!

  1. Very cool, thanks!
  2. Awww looks like you guys had so much fun. BTW where is the Saks at Rodeo? I went there once and when I went a couple of weeks ago I couldn't find it. DH joked I was losing it, LOL.
  3. it's behind the LV store like a couple blocks away.. you can see it if you stood at the LV store entrance, and looked um.. east behind the store and away from the other stores..
  4. Doh!!! I was on the other side of the street where the cobblestone road is. I knew I wasn't crazy!!!
  5. Ahhh there was a meeting? I missed this, I'll look forward to the next meeting post
  6. These are amazing pictures!!!

    Thank you SO much for sharing!!!