Tpf London Meet?

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  1. hey ladies and gents ,, any of r in london??
    I'm in london right now i would love to meet any tpfers here :smile: ,,
  2. Hi, im up for a meet in London with everyone from tpf but are there any other dates available, what about december Christmas shopping??
  3. :sad: I dont think i will be in london during that time period ,, r u in london right now socialite?
  4. No, Im about 5/6 hours away but if there was a meet up later this year then I would be willing to travel :smile: Hopefully you can make it when there is a meet
  5. a christmas meet in london would be great.
    or we could do a more northern meet socialite
  6. Yeah I was also thinking of a Manchester meet if that was ok with everyone. But Last time I tried to organize one no one was really bothered at the end, so I would need to know that people are 100% coming, Im up for organizing.

    But also a London meet would be good. But Manchester is Ideal for me, I dont know about other people, do you visit the manchester store Cherry Pie ?.

    Last time I set up a meet which didnt go ahead. There were alot of arguements and then members were worried about mixed ages because some of us are quite young and some are older. IMO its not really a problem, its a bag meet KWIM ?.
  7. Cherry Pie - BTW would you be up for helping organizing the meet if we started a thread on this ??. Thanks :smile:
  8. To bad I just came back from London, ehhh:sad:
  9. I could do a meet at either for xmas shopping.

    London will be easier for me but Manchester is doable too!

    Nice to be back this side of the pond. :tup:
  10. Hi, have a look at the Leeds meet up thread, its not that far from Manchester and we are doing a meet-up just before christmas, you are most welcome to come :flowers: