tPF Logo ?

  1. Not sure if this has been discussed (I'd bet that it has been though;) )

    Is there a logo that we can use in our eBay auctions/about me pages ???

    I have some from my other groups, (ALVA, etc....)

    I would LOVE to have the banner ^^^ at the top of this page in my "About Me" page on e bay. I rarely sell my bags, but still, I would love some sort of logo as I HATE HATE HATE:cursing: fakes and want everyone (from potential buyers as well as sellers) to be aware of this ...:yes:
  2. well, tpf doesn't allow us to post our eBay id;s or sell here, so im not sure how they would feel about a logo specifically for it. someone, prob a mod, will come along with and answer for you.
  3. ^^I've read that we aren't allowed to share our e bay IDs. I dont understand why though ??? I would love for a MOD (or anyone else to explain:shrugs: )

    I know we can't sell here unless we are in The Marketplace (my interests are in buying though:p ) but selling here is completely different than e bay anyway.

    But regardless of that I would still love to be able to put a banner in my About Me page:yes: