TPF Lingo unvieled

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  1. i joined in Jan. of this year and read all yoru great threads and stories and look at all the fabulous pictures and now im ready to contribute but i noticed that you ladies use some lingo/ abbreviations. So I started a thread to find out what some of these mean. Please contribute.
    For starters..
    what is ...

  2. Dear Husband/Hubby
  3. i think this belongs in the general discussion forum, but DH is husband. lol. i dont know wat the letters stand for though. hahahaha im a dunce
  4. oh haha never mind.
  5. PM: Personal Message
    WL: Wait List
    IRL: In Real Life
    IMO: In My Opinion
    KWIM?: Know What I Mean?
  6. I just joined TPF and have figured out alot of the abbreviations....except DH! I thought "Darling Husband" maybe?
  7. JMHO: Just My Honest Opinion
  8. On most forums, DH is "dear husband."

    However, here on the Purse Forum, I think it can also be used to mean "dirty handbag."
  9. DUPLICATE THREAD..Please follow the link above
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.