TPF lawyers and lawyers-to-be, post here!

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  1. ^^^Everyone says to me "your lawyer friends fired you??? But you're a lawyer!!!". I'm doing all that I can to vindicate my rights. Having lots of loyal lawyer (say that 3 times fast!!) friends makes this fight less hard. They've given plenty of different points of views (students: the law and it's interpretation is as individual as each one of you) and that helped me make my decisions. Oh, and difamation?? the cherry on top.
  2. I went to law school and dropped out after two days. That was almost 15 years ago. I'm a court reporter now.

    The only advice I can give to the lawyers-to-be (and the lawyers too since a lot don't seem to know) slow down and the court reporter CAN'T TAKE TWO PEOPLE TALKING AT THE SAME TIME! It's the most important rule of a depo but most attys seem to skip that one.
  3. hey ya, I am not a lawyer myself just a child of two, and part of a long line of lawyers..... (guess might be why i chose otherwise!) ;). imagine, an argument based on principle was just never on, because that wouldn't hold up in court (and I am not kidding....)

    I just wanted to say that the law rocks!, and if I had the choice again I might go for it this time, who knows? and I absolutely despise all the dumb comments about lawyers, especially as it is these people who often come crying when they need one..... all the best to all of you going through law school, and hope you find brilliant jobs.

    nerdphanie, granted my parents have their own law office but my mum was working all the time - and it is possible. don't worry, you will manage, I am sure. quality time is the key, and possibly the acceptance that it will be hard to work 12+ hours with kids, so maybe looking for a smaller firm would be the answer at that point? just a thought, from own experience. good luck!
  4. I'm a 3L now technically. I just finished my 2L year! :smile:

    I find that the first year is harder, then the second year you cruise easier because you know what you are doing -- and you do get more work, but have more free time ;)

    So hang in there! ;)
  5. LOL and don't simply nod your head for an answer or say "uh uh" or "uh huh".

  6. Ok Yale is totally a different story. It is the best LS in the country and you will have more options than about any other grad anywhere else. Congrats on getting in, that's amazing!
  7. It's not grades/competition i found to be the problem. School itself has been great, as far as people classes everything. It's the work and debt load after that I think stresses people out.
  8. I graduated with the LLB(hons) last year and currently im studying on the legal practice course......actually my exams are next week so after next thursday i won't even be a law student!

    Im still looking for a training contract though and its begining to get quite depressing because all i seem to get are times i regret taking law but then again this is what i've always wanted to do!

    Pray for me guys! i really need to get a training contract!!! :sad:
  9. Now I feel a little douchey for bringing Yale into the picture. I do think people work hard there, though, and are still happy, and other students I've talked to at other schools have said the same. I guess it probably boils down to the individual like anything else. Thanks for your congrats ;).
  10. Did you ever resent your mom or wish she didn't work so much? I don't know how much I want to cut down my career for kids, just because I think it's lame that women are expected to do so, but at the same time, I really want to spend time with them!
  11. Hey, going back to the original question a bit -- one of the reasons why I personally decided to leave a large law firm was that I didn't have a personal life anymore. I watched a number of women go part-time at the firm after having kids, and then leave the firm entirely because there really was no such thing as true part-time (except for the very few women who really managed to be great with their schedules and work for partners who understood). I also grew up with a father who's a law firm partner and he maybe went to one doctor's appointment that I had in my 18 years before leaving to go to college :smile: I think he may have made it to one or two school events in that time period as well. I didn't resent him (and still don't resent him) for that, but the fact of the matter was that he wasn't around that much.

    I do think that there are a lot of other options than a large law firm, though. I'm working on work-life initiatives at my current large Palo Alto firm to make sure that women and minorities don't have the same high attrition rate that they do now, so hopefully by the time that you're out of law school the industry will be looking slightly different.

    One additional note: Yale often graduates lawyers that go into other more non-traditional law fields (professorship, fellowships, etc.). I had a lot of friends from undergrad who went there and most aren't even at big law firms. I went to Columbia Law, which is pretty much a feeder school into large NY law firms (Harvard is kind of the same way). So, you'll definitely have a lot of career options, and being a lawyer now means a lot of career fluidity :smile:
  12. hehehe! Actually I think it's so funny that they stress that over the not talking at the same time thing. They always tell the witness not to nod or say uh-huh but I can write that. It's not as clear on the transcript but I sure can write it a lot easier than this:

    A That's correct.
    Q Well, I want to --
    A I --
    Q -- introduce --
    A Yeah. Go ahead.
    Q Go ahead, no.

  13. ^LOL my firm uses the most awesome court reporter! I sure do respect you guys :smile:
  14. thanks Couturegrl. I actually know a CR in Arizona. You don't use Alisa by any chance do you? Probably not but just thought I'd ask. I can't even remember where in AZ she lives.
  15. I'm not a lawyer or in law school, but has anyone ever seen the movie, "Paper Chase?" After I saw it I wondered is law school REALLY like that? The professor in the movie was so intimidating to say the least!