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  1. Wow, this is kind of scary. Everyone I talked to at Yale seemed to love it, even if it was hard. I think I'm in it for the right reasons, though. I'm really excited for law school. I don't expect to be at the top of my class, but I'm not really worried. Maybe I should be, though :smile:. Congrats to everyone who's out!

    To reiterate an earlier question: what'll you ladies do when you want to have kids?
  2. Sorry for so many question but what is ISAT? And a bar? Is the bar the exam of abilitation?
    Here the exam is terrible: 3 written test (8 hours each one) in the middle of December. The results come around June (yes, there are expected for next week!) and you have an oral test on 5 subjects that you can choose between a list of a few more than 5, not so many.
    The exam here in Italy really need to be changed but seems nobody care that:
    1) People is not paid during the 2 years of practice;
    2) The exam is a strong and bad emotional experience because there are a LOT of people in the same building etc During the written test you can bring with you a code (you know, we are civil law system) with the main sentences and they are expensive!! ABout 200 euro for the code civil with notes and other 200 for the criminal one. The first two days you write the solution to a case, first civil one and second the criminal law one. Then, the third day, you write a legal act (document?).
  3. don't pay attention to my bitter comments, i think deep down i really do love law school, it's just that it isn't really the most fun in the world :tup:

    as for having kids-my friend who's 26 actually opted not to go to law school this year because she wants to have children, and after three years of law school and working to become established at a firm, she felt she'd be way past the age at which she'd want to have children

    by the time i graduate from law school i should be 23-so hopefully i can get in a good 5-6 years at a law firm and still have kids before i'm 30-although a friend of mine who's a partner at a big ny law firm does complain that she hasn't seen her children/husband for months

    i'm also thinking that when i have kids i might move to a smaller firm (maybe nj)-the pay's a little less, but the hours are definitely much more regular
  4. i heard that law schol just involves alot of studying. if you're good at school ad the lsat, you shld be fine. you just have to study alot. but it's not rocket science from what i hear from my friends.

    MPOV is worry about the kids when you get there. no point limiting your career options or how to deal with something that is years down the line.

    from the attorneys i work with and the ones i know, it's hard work and long hours. I'd be seriously surprised if they get to see their kids much at all during the weekdays. I don't ask them about kids and whether they have any but i'm guessing that your best bet is to do well in your career and be able to afford a nanny.

    if not, you can always go work for a corporate attorney job as in literally in the company itself. the hours are much lighter. my friend gets to leave about 7pm most of the time =)
  5. this wasn't a very good answer to your question alice and i have to run, so i'll let somebody else answer it properly :smile:
  6. Well, this isn't necessarily true. In any given (good) law school, ALL of the students who got in have good LSAT scores and GPAs. Unfortunately, not everyone can get good grades because of the dreaded curve. The curve varies by school, but some places only 2% or so can make an A. So in a class section of 50 students, there will only be a couple of As (if that). When you have a school full of people who have an average college GPA of 3.6 and are used to nearly always getting As, you can imagine how this impacts the atmosphere. In law school it is not how well you do, but how well you do compared to everybody else. Without the curve, law school would be so much nicer!
  7. ^ Maybe that's why Yalies are happy. It's P/F for the first semester, then Honors/Pass/Low pass for the rest, but no curve. I like that. But I've also talked to people at other schools with curves who don't really get too stressed out by competition.
  8. I will be a 1L this fall! Happy but nervous!
  9. I think that the part of law school that I have enjoyed the most is the internships and jobs that I have had. The summer after my 1st year I worked for a city attorney and loved it. During my second year, I worked for an attorney in general private practice. Now I'm clerking for a judge. I have absolutely loved all three jobs. I have been fortunate enough to meet and talk to numerous lawyers and judges. I've been able to get a wide range of opinions about why each chose their specific practice area/firm/etc. All of this knowledge has definitely reinforced that law school was the right choice for me.

    As for the earlier question about kids, this isn't a concern for me because I do not want to have children. A lot of people have told me that my mind will change as I get older (I'm 23), but I've never wanted to have children, and I don't see myself ever having kids. I have a lot of respect for parents, but it's just not for me.
  10. ^ITA about the whole kids thing personally, although both of the female attorneys at the firm I work for have children...they find a way to do both wonderfully but boy are they busy! LOL
  11. Yeah i hear you about the dreaded curve but that's true of going from high school to college and facing the curve as well. and going from all As in high school to realizing that you'll probably get a few other letters. my college had a curve so it was all relative as well.

    2% As is a crazy curve but it's then about realigning one's expectations. if 90% are getting Bs or lower and you get a B for the first time in your life, then one has to realize that it's not because you suddenly turned dumb but that it's largely due to the curve.

    there's still pressure and disappointment and stress etc no doubt but it's an adjustment.

    OP: Yale sounds great with P/F!! that might help alot with the stress and adjustment! =)

  12. Class of 2001 here. Nowhere near of you guys. I love being a lawyer. It's what I was meant to be. I love to go to court and enjoy (really) working on suits and motions and argumentations.

    My 3 years of school were ok. I worked hard and partied too. Getting a job was the hard part. I was fired (discrimination!!) 2 months ago and I'm going crazy.
  13. ^ You were fired because of discrimination??? I hope you're doing something about that, I'm sorry :sad:.
  14. ^^^You betcha....
  15. Hey bravorodrig,

    OMG i'm so sorry to hear that! you know the sad thing is that while there are laws in place to prevent such things from happening, the reality is that most people can utilize these laws unless you have deep pockets to hire a lawyer and you are wiling to risk your whole career at being unhireable by any law firm because they don't want someone who's sued their previous employer. =( :wtf:

    *hugs* i know this must be a really tough time but i'm sure you can find another job. good luck girl!