TPF lawyers and lawyers-to-be, post here!

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  1. ^^
    Have you taken the LSAT? I'm in DC so you can PM me about DC schools if you like.
  2. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a third year law student in NY and have an offer in South Florida, where I am from. Still browsing around for other opportunities since my "accept" deadline isn't for a little, and looking into some LLMs in tax. It is nice to "see" so many other ladies in law here!
  3. Well, I found out about three weeks ago, but.... I PASSED THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congrats!!! I just found this thread- love it! Im in my second year of law school in NYC andddd its definitely an experience. I really love the law and some classes are great but I cant wait until next semester- it will be the first where I got to pick a majority of my classes (my school has sooo many core classes!) I cant decide yet if I regret going to law school (doesnt matter- im in too deep!!! :lol:) or if I love it. I think im just anxious to get out into the real world and start working! Anyone on here practice bankruptcy law? Im looking into an LLM in that field and hoping to work in that area. GOOD LUCK to everyone taking finals!!! Im right there with you to share in all of the misery that entails! :lol:
  5. I just got my acceptance letter to NYU Law on saturday!!!! So I'm officially joining the class of 2011 and the ladies on this thread!!!
  6. I'm a law student as well, writing my master thesis atm. If everything goes as planned (it really should!!!), i'll graduate in may 2008. After that, I've got no idea what I'd actually like to do fo a living.
  7. Wow! I am going to keep my eye on this thread :smile: Right now I am taking my bachelors in Systems Design Engineering...but my dream is really to go to Law School in the US. Currently I am living in Canada - and in a year and half will be done my degree.

    Any recommendations on law schools in the California state?
  8. OMG Congrats!! You must be so excited!
  9. With that background you would make a great intellectual property lawyer or technology lawyer. You should definitely look into that coursework when you get to law school. They are in great demand as most lawyers do not have technical/engineering backgrounds and these lawyers can command a premium in pay because of it. It is also nice to be able to combine your interest area with law...assuming you truly love engineering. I do not have a technical background but love technology...I advise the CIOs, engineers and programmers and love working with them.

  10. congrats !! thats a big accomplishment :yahoo::woohoo: