TPF ladies, pls help me locate a paddy

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  1. Hey ladies

    After purchasing my first baby paddy I am longing for a regular paddy to keep her company.

    I live in Scotland and as you probably all know Chloe handbags are very limited and it's quite frustrating.

    I am looking for a darkish coloured paddy, perhaps black, dark red or choc but would consider anything.

    I have searched google but it only seems to be coming up with US website with paddys. Most UK websites I search have Chloe bags but can't find any paddys.

    After searching through ebay for a long time I thought I would ask you wonderful ladies for your help.

    So, if anyone knows any stores in Scotland with good Chloe stock or any website pls pls pls let me know.

    I would even consider a pre owned one in a good condition.

    Thanks all in advance :yes::tup:
  2. ok im going to hunt down one for you!
  3. Tiree , Harvey Nicks sell Chloe.
  4. Post 3210 - Blue Nuit

    Cafe Brown -



    Sorry... those are the only ones I know about. Have not seen a REAL reg black paddy in months! If you have any interest in any of these above, post on ATC just to verify :yes:
  5. Hi Flossie, yes that is where I saw the dark red one originally however if possible I would prefer not to pay full price, but will if I have to. I just want to explore all other avenues first.
  6. Thanks Ellie Mae, I will look into see if these sights delivery to the UK.
  7. bmb, you are on a mission....thanks
  8. The bleu nuit is in Aussie, so I am sure she would. I think the cafe brown will too. Don't know about the other two....
  9. Sorry I cant seem to find the bleu nuit one, can you send me the ebay item number?
  10. this sellers a sweetheart,
    im sure she will send overseas if you ask her:yes:
  11. Not sure I want to buy another blue bag as my 2 loved Mulberrys are blue shades but I will look at her pics and see what I think.

    Have also been offered a Muscade one which I am seriously considering but it may just be a bit too light. I was looking for a contrast from the creme baby paddy.
  12. the muscade is a really good colour it goes with so much! its darker than tan!
  13. Well, I understand this... my blanc & mastic are really the only LIGHT colored ones I think I want to have. I'm scared to take the blanc anywhere for fear of getting something on it. It is WHITE. And the DARK ones are hard to find! Black is non-existent, brown is occasional, red is never, and the bleu nuit turns up occassionally. I like the bleu nuit, as it is DARK, but would match nothing in my wardrobe. Seems like lately the "available colors" have been whisky, muscade, and a realm of off-whites.