TPF Ladies' Birkin Waiting List!

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  1. If you'd like to add your name to the list, please post your wishes in the old "Who's waiting" thread and we'll add it here. Also, if you receive your Birkin, let us know so we can remove your entry...or add something else for you!:graucho:

    1. accessorize*me
    - 35cm Birkin, BJ/Etoupe, Togo, Palladium Hardware.
    - 40cm Rouge Garance, Chevre/Togo/Clemence/Swift, Palladium Hardware

    2. addicted
    - 30cm/35cm Birkin, black/brown, palladium hardware

    3. all about bags
    - 30cm matte croc birkin in honey/caramel or barennia
    - 30cm swift birkin in chartreuse
    - 30cm orange birkin (maybe)

    4. aspenmartial
    - 30cm Birkin, braise, crocodile
    - 35cm Birkin, black, crocodile
    - 35cm Birkin, royal blue, crocodile

    5. birkin girl
    - 35cm Birkin, cyclamen/fuchsia, ostrich
    - 35cm Birkin, orange
    - JPG Birkin, orange

    6. ChloeSS
    - 35cm Birkin, red/white/orange/BJ
    - JPG Birkin black/brown/grey/any color

    7. coco-nut
    - 35cm Birkin, gold, gold hardware

    8. cxyvr
    -35cm Birkin, black togo/chevre/swift w/ palladium

    10. duna
    - 35cm Birkin, ebene, clemence/togo

    11. firstclass1
    -30cm birkin, black w/ gold hw

    12. fortheloveofbags
    - 30cm Birkin, BJ/rouge H

    13. fopduck
    - 35cm Birkin, black/gold/brown/red, togo/chevre

    14. hermesBB
    - 30cm Birkin, potiron/BJ, togo/chevre, palladium hardware

    15. hermeslady
    - 35cm Birkin, honey, porosus crocodile, gold hardware

    16. hkstar
    - 35cm Birkin, BJ, palladium hardware

    17. jag
    - 30cm Birkin Blue Jean togo/clemence with PH
    - 30cm Gold togo/clemence with GH

    18. Japster
    - 30cm/35cm Birkin, rouge vif/rouge garance, chevre/clemence, gold hardware
    - 30cm/35cm Birkin, fuschia
    - 32cm Kelly, open to leathers

    19. jehaga
    -35cm Brighton Blue Chevre Birkin
    -35cm Cognac Chevre Birkin

    20. jessdressed[/B]
    - JPG, gold

    21. judyh
    - 35cm Birkin, black with white stitching, togo, palladium hardware

    23. Kellybag
    - 30cm Birkin, black chevre, palladium hardware
    - 30cm Birkin, black/chocolate box, gold hardware

    24. Grands Fonds
    - 35cm Birkin, chocolate w/ orange stitching, Fjord, palladium hardware
    - 35cm Birkin, toile/white clemence combination, palladuim hardware
    - 28cm Kelly, Vert Anis, Chevre Mysore, palladium hardware

    25. LaVan
    - 30cm Birkin, orange, ostrich, gold hardware
    - 28cm Kelly, rigid, natural chamonix, palladium hardware

    - 30cm Birkin, gold, togo, gold hardware
    - 30cm Birkin, chocolate brown, box, gold hardware
    - 30cm Birkin, natural barenia/toile, palladium hardware

    26. lilach
    - 30cm Birkin, fuchsia, porosus crocodile
    - 30cm Birkin, beige-rosé, crocodile, gold hardware
    - 35cm Birkin, vert anis, togo

    27. livinluxuriously_lila
    - 40cm Birkin, rouge (?), chevre/togo

    28. Lookingood35
    - 35cm Birkin, BJ, togo, palladium hardware

    29. Loren
    -Birkin Gold w/ palladium hw

    30. moe
    - 40cm Birkin, BJ, togo/clemence, palladium hardware

    31. mrssparkles
    - 30cm Birkin/32cm HAC bi-colour chocolate box calf with rose shocking piping

    32. Ninja Sue
    - 25cm Birkin, black, togo, gold hardware
    - 25cm Birkin, vert anis/potiron

    33. orchids
    - 32cm Kelly, sellier black Chevre with brushed PH
    - 35cm Birkin, chocolate Vache Liagee w/PH
    - JPG Birkin, rouge garance or black Togo (if they make it in Togo), PH

    34. 24, Faubourg
    - 30cm Birkin, cognac/noisette with white stitching, chevre de coromandel, palladium hardware

    35. pazt
    - 32/35cm blue brighton kelly/birkin

    36. peanutbabycakes
    - 30cm rouge H/VIF birkin, GH, togo/clemence/chevre
    - 30cm vert anis birkin, GH, togo/clemence/chevre
    - 30cm potiron birkin, GH, togo/clemence/chevre
    - black box constance, GH

    37. perja
    - JPG Birkin, rouge garance

    38. PGN
    - 35cm Birkin, gold/etoupe, togo, palladium hardware

    39. pr1nc355
    - 35 cm Birkin, vert olive, clemence, palladium hardware
    - JPG Birkin, vermillon, clemence, gold hardware
    - 30 cm Birkin, rouge Hermes/rouge vif, boxcalf, gold hardware
    - 30 cm Birkin, fuchia, ostrich, palladium hardware
    -32 cm Kelly, marron fonce, ostrich, gold hardware

    40. rusticrouge
    - BJ/green, togo, palladium hardware

    41. Sarah-girl
    - 35cm Birkin, toile/barenia combo
    - 35cm Birkin, brighton blue, chevre mysore w/violet interior

    42. sarahcantik
    - 30cm Birkin

    43. shoes319
    - 30cm Birkin, indigo, chevre

    44. shopmom411
    - 30cm Birkin, toile-barenia combination, gold hardware
    - 30cm Birkin Gold with Gold hw

    45. SoCal
    - 35cm Birkin, black, togo, palladium hardware
    - 30cm/35cm Birkin, chocolate/gold/caramel/neutral, togo/chevre
    - JPG Birkin (to try out)

    46. star3777
    - 30cm Birkin, black, togo

    47. sweetsparkle
    - 30cm Birkin, white

    48. Tammy518
    - 35cm Birkin, gold/rouge, togo/clemence

    49. theITbag
    - 30cm Birkin, bicolor brown/black with fuschia/purple, palladium hardware

    50. twigz
    - 30cm Birkin, poudre, crocodile,
    - 30cm Birkin, violette, crocodile
    - 30cm Birkin, graphite, crocodile
    - 30cm Birkin, sappire blue, crocodile
    - 30cm Birkin, framboise, chevre
    - 35cm Birkin, beige-rosé, crocodile

    51. wellow
    -30 cm Birkin, BJ, togo/chevre/swift, PH (mom and me want a BJ badly!!!)
    -30/35 cm Birkin, cognac, chevre, PH
    -28 cm Kelly, black/cognac, lizard, GH
    -35 cm Birkin, black, chevre/togo, GH/PH

    52. whispa777
    - 30cm Birkin, black, crocodile, palladium hardware

    53. luvurbag
    - HAC 36cm Graphite w/ Ruthenium
    - HAC 36cm Potiron w/Gold
    (Newly Added this week..last minute addition whichever comes first HAC 36cm or Birkin 35cm)
    -Birkin 35cm Graphite w/Ruthenium
    -Birkin 35cm Potiron w/Gold

    54. SumKinda1derful
    -35cm Birkin Brighton Blue togo w/ Gold Hardware
    -35 cm Birkin croc, braise or fuchsia w/ diamonds (no pref as to hw)

    And ... on the hunt!

    1. lilach
    - 32cm/35cm Kelly, black, ruthenium hw

    2. nathansgirl1908
    - BJ

    3. pelinaka
    - 35cm Birkin, black, togo, gold hardware

    4. rochasgirl
    - 30cm/35cm/JPG Birkin, baby pink/BJ/thalassa blue/white/lilac/violette/rouge vif/red/vibrato/bicolor, any leather, palladium/gold hardware

    5. Serenity Now
    - 30cm/35cm Birkin, black/gold/ebene/red, chevre/togo/clemence, palladium hardware

    6. accessorize*me
    - 30cm Birkin, Fuschia/Vert Anis, Ostrich, Palladium Hardware
    - 30cm Birkin, Bleu Roi/Brighton Blue, Chevre, Palladium Hardware

    Size: 30cm
    Color: Black, then BJ, followed by gold
    Leather: Togo
    Hardware: Palladium
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