TPF Keychains/charms are SOLD OUT, backorder list started

  1. Ok, I addressed all the last orders for the keychains/charms to go out Monday. I reserved about 15 keychains/charms for any that go astray in the mail.

    If you want me to add you to the 'backorder' list for the next batch please e-mail me,, asap. As soon as I have about 50 people on the list, I will start the next batch.

    World wide distribution count to date 692!!

  2. Oh No! I kept meaning to order one - I am gutted:sad:

    Please can you put me down for the next order!:smile:
  3. please e-mail, because that is how notification will occur for the next batch.
  4. Will do - my email is not working at the mo but as soon as it is I will:smile:
  5. oooh, twinkle I think I just sneaked my order in - whew! Can't wait. XXXOO
  6. Yep, you were in the last batch!
  7. These keychains were such a great idea! Thanks tink! :flowers:
  8. Twink I've had a delivery notification failure. If it's not too much trouble could you PM me so you could add me to your back order list. Thank you hun.
  9. WOW! 692??? That's a lot of keychains! Thank you so much for everything twinkle!
  10. emailed ya! :biggrin:
  11. yaay im so glad i made it into the final batch :smile: but i have a feeling i will be getting one for each of my bags haha

    thank yoU!
  12. I just e-mailed you!

    I kept debating whether or not I wanted one, and the more I saw them the more I wanted one. Go figure that my procrastinating would mean they'd sell out before I'd get one. ;)
  13. I emailed you too:yes: I saw one IRL today and it was SO AWESOME:nuts: I want one now:yahoo:
    Thank you for making these available to all of us.:flowers: