TPF Keychain… Silver in White PST with Chains?

  1. Hi there guys.. Convinced, I kept my PST and sold some of my vintage flaps instead because of the price increase and also, I have a lot of black handbags.. I realized!!

    So here’s the problem.. I received my TPF keychain from Tink and it is in Silver..

    I am planning to put it on my Snow White PST with Gold Hardware..

    Do you guys think it’s ok??

    Actually, most of my handbags have Gold Hardwares.. Is that ok??? Please help! I’m really excited to put on my keychains already!!
  2. I think it's ok! The gold hardware will make the silver keychain pop out and plus, mix of metallics is quite in right now (or at least I've noticed?)
  3. I think it is fine- I have my keychain on my LV pomme lexington(gold hardware) and it looks great
  4. Can you guys post some pics to convince me? Hehe.
  5. Good for you for keeping your PST!!!!
  6. Does anyone wear their tPF keychain on a classic flap? I noticed on most replies that members clipped their keychains to anything but a flap.

    I want to know if it looks funny. What are your opinions, and can someone post pictures?
  7. its fine! i think it will look good
  8. I tried using my keychain this morning when I went to work. It looks sooo perfect! I'll post pictures soon! :biggrin:
  9. can't wait to see.
  10. wherre do u get this keychain :biggrin:
  11. There's a thread under general discussion if you want to get the TPF Keychain.:drool:
  12. Please do Rica! :biggrin: