tPF Keychain/purse charm

  1. Hello!

    I did these keychains/purse charms for the LV RAOK, but so many people e-mailed me requesting one, I opened it up for everyone. We now have about 500 people sporting (or soon to be) a tPF keychain/purse charm world wide.

    I have had a link in my signature for awhile, but thought I would throw an announcement up here, as I am going to place the third (and probably) final order for these in the next few days.

    If you would like to order one, please e-mail me at .

    The price on these, including shipping is 6.00 in the US, 7.50 internationally. Just wanted everyone to know, I am not making any money off these..this is wholesale prices (that's why so cheap), just doing it as a service to tPF.


    It is on a split ring, as you will see in the member photos, alot of people swapped out the ring, to make it easier to use as a charm :smile:

    Some member photos :smile:




  2. Twinkle-how do you accept payment for these?
  3. E-mail me, and I will send you all the info :smile:
  4. Great idea to post it here too! I cant believe 500 of us have them now! That is so cool! I use mine for my car keys for now. It makes a pretty jingling sound.
  5. can't wait to get mine! woohooooo!
  6. I'm waiting on Superbag to get back from her vacation :p Once I get her add, I'll send our info over... I'm itchin' to get my hands on them already :biggrin:

    ur a tpf treasure tink!
  7. cute
  8. These are so cute! I can't wait until mine arrives!!
  9. Again Tink, it is so great of you to do this for everyone!!
    You rock!!:yahoo:
  10. Wow! 500 already! I need to post a pic of mine!! Thanks for doing this Tink!
  11. I cannot believe 500 people have it either- too cool!
  12. ah! i want one!!

    great way to be able to i.d. each other. :o)
  13. I have one ..I LOVES IT!!!!!
  14. such a great idea! Not to mention sooo cute!!!
  15. Its awsome!