TPF Keychain, How did you use? Pics!

  1. Hey guys.. I know a lot of you have the TPF keychains by now.. Can you post some pics on how did you put them on? Into your bags? Wallets? Post some pics to share your ideas to everyone! :biggrin:
  2. I received mine today--THANKS TINK! Anyway, it's lovely! I haven't put it on my bag yet but I will and when I do I will take a photo to share!
  3. How does someone get one? Where was I when all this happened? lol...
  4. mine arrived today:yahoo: and let me tell you it really is lovley, and got here across the pond so fast, thank you mary here is some pics with it on my silver paddy
    paddy with purse forum key chain.jpg tPF key chain on silver paddy.jpg
  5. Scottie, it looks great! I think you the first int'l one! Glad it got there!

  6. Mine is on its way!! I will post pics as soon as it arrives!! I'm really excited!! :yahoo:
  7. yep, have now placed my order. Its exciting aint it!!! :biggrin:
  8. I got mine today! Thank you Mary :biggrin: I will try and post pictures soon
  9. haven't gotten mine yet I am eagerly awaiting its arrival :woohoo:
  10. Got mine yesterday. I'll try to post pics tonight! I love it!!
  11. I just received mine today! It is so shiny and of very nice quality. Well done, Mary! I took the ring off and put the individual charms on my B-bag...

  12. I want to see more! LOL... I can't wait to get hold of mine too!
  13. This is very pretty! I love the beads you added to it.
  14. I got mine yesterday :yahoo:
    It went straight from the box onto my paddy! Went out straight afterwards though so no time to take piccies yet, but I will :yes: