TPF Keychain directly on my red epi cles! I love it!

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  1. OMG!so cute and flashy!!!:tender:
  2. so cute!!!
  3. Very very cute!
  4. that looks really great! good idea
  5. thanks! lol yea I was super excited after I did that and posted right away =) =) =)
  6. oh it's very cute, what a great idea!!!
  7. that's AWESOME!!!! congrats!
  8. Very cute! Love it!
  9. Looks so cute with the new hardware. Love my TPF keychain not so much love for my bag!
  10. silver against the red looks spectacular.
  11. That looks great!!! I love it!!!

    I'd love to have one too!!! How to get one .?.
  12. Congrats, looks awesome!
  13. Cute! That's a great idea. When I first read the title of thread, I thought that the tPF keychain would be too big, but it works perfectly.
  14. so cute, congrats!!
  15. That looks so hot!