TPF Keychain directly on my red epi cles! I love it!

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  1. [​IMG]

    All my bags have gold hardware, but this is perfect for my cles! Thanks so much, Mary! :yahoo:
  2. Fantastic and Fabulous!!
  3. Very cute idea!
  4. Wow!!! That looks great on your cles
  5. Wow! That's really cute! What a great idea!:yes:
  6. Looks NICE!!!
  7. Nice cles.
  8. sweetie!
    looks great
  9. Looks so cute! I wish I could pull that off, but the Cles' I like have golden hardware. :sad:
  10. u r so creative ! your cles looks so nice and cute and special !
  11. Perfect! Ya know, even though the keychain is a silver tone, it still matches every bag. I've used it on all my bags and have gotten compliments on it. Don't be afraid to attach it to a bag with gold hardware.
  12. :yes::yes:I definitely agree! Mine is attached to my mono speedy and it looks fabulous!

    Looks great on your cles too! Thanks for sharing the pics!! I love red epi..
  13. really cool!
  14. Looks fab!
  15. Looks great against the red!