TPF is very dangerous!!!


Jun 3, 2008
Yesterday I was at my in-laws with my daughters. We had just picked up their mail. I was worn out. Tried to prepare the kiddos for school and woke everyone up at 7 am and I was the one paying for it at 3 pm. I talked to DH who said take a nap and let the kids play on the computer. Well I could not fall asleep and the kids didnt want to play on the computer so I went here.
I read that KattyKay had been to the AC outlets and saw a Medium Lily. Earlier Fluffy614 had been there and saw one too. By the time I called they were all sold out. I had them check everywhere and they didn't have any. So I PM KattyKay about the condition of the one she saw. DH calls and tells me that when he gave me keys to the in-laws house, he gave me car keys as well. (Don't they every think!) So I had him call AC up. The SA told him there were 4 camels and a black:woohoo:. He calls me back and says what do you want me to do. I said I want a camel and I WANT THE BLACK ONE. He calls them up and the SA goes to get the bags to put them on hold and someone had picked up the black one:tdown:. My DH said if she puts it down my wife wants that bag! I go to meet him and switch cars. I take two of my daughters (he has the other two) and make the trek to AC during rush hour traffic. The girls heard mommy say a lot of bad words :cursing:on that trip. I made it to AC in a little over two hours (had to stop for gas, DH car was on a 1/4 a tank!). Parked in Caesars and was in love. Its been awhile since I have been there maybe a year or two. The girls and I walked into Coach and I went straight to the back. There was a medium camel. Picked it up just in case they didnt put one on hold and picked up a Legacy Shoulder Flap bag. Felt really guilty about wanting to get both bags and called DH who said if the finances are okay go ahead and buy them (I have own fund and will be making a withdraw to pay the family bank). So I bought both bags!!! Will take pics later. Girls have orientation today for school so I have to get them ready.
Thanks for listening
PS The reason I wanted the Medium Lily so bad was because it was the bag that made me fall in love with Coach again.


Proud Handbag Addict
Dec 31, 2007
New Jersey
Congrats on your finds. I was at the AC outlet last weekend and saw the Lilys. I almost bought one but I decided not too because I was going the following day to pick up my new Zoe in mahogony/khaki at the Coach store! Love the Lily though!!:tup:


Kelly B.
Jul 7, 2008
You guys are killing me here..... I called A/C yesterday afternoon about the Gigi and the Lily and the SA said that their computer showed they had none in stock.... I'm just praying that when I go there in two weeks, they might still have something good there (not likely, but......)


Jul 25, 2007
OK thats it. Im in Central NJ and I MUST learn how to get to the AC outlet by myself. My husband took me there last year and I was totally confused w/the AC Expressway and the valet parking and everything else about it! I am determined to use my new GPS and get myself there at some point this year!! Congrats! Cant wait to see your pictures!
Dec 27, 2006
Not sure if this was already covered elsewhere but how much are the LILY's going for at the outlets?


Videre est credere
Jul 23, 2008
The lining on the shoulder flap just seals the deal for me. When I held one and flipped it open I was totally and instantly in love (legacy stripe junkie here).
Both bags are beautiful. Do you mind my asking how much they were at the outlet? My outlet NEVER has any of the older legacy stuff. They got one Gigi in but that's about it.


Jul 31, 2008
Came back to see your pics and holy moly! The bags were worth the trip and the cursing in front of your daughters, lol. :yes: