TPf is Sofa King Banned at work :(

  1. Ugh.. So I joined the PF just a month ago and was happy that it wasn't blocked at my work as most boards and forums are.. So when I tried to sign on at work today, I totally got the BLOCKED SITE message. :rant::rant::rant: It's so irritiating! I love reading the TPF at work during down times or at lunch.. It's especially great when I work the late shift.

    It just stinks because I really enjoy this board and another board I've been a part of for a few years and they are both blocked now. I need my TPF fix in the daytime!

    I just had to vent about it.. thanks for listening.
  2. That sucks-I'd go insane without visiting here periodically during the day.

    Goes to show much they are watching where you surf at work when it gets blocked sooner after you join.
  3. Sorry to hear that. That's rough.
  4. I'm at work right now, what would I do????
    I completly understand you
  5. wow sorry to hear! thats like how they banned MYSPACE in school and public libraries, i believe. how did they ban it? did they find out u go on there?
  6. I think the computer technicians regularly check employees' internet history and ban the sites that are visited regularly and not work-related. When I used to work in HR, that's what we tell our computer techy guys to do on weekends. Remember, you're using your employer's computer during work time so they have the rights to go into your files anytime they want. It's really sick, I know. :upsidedown:
  7. yikes, i see.

    i knew a guy who got fired for having cyber sex while at work. LOL DUMBASS.
  8. LOL, dumbass:lol:
  9. What a dork! :roflmfao:

    My friend actually got set up by some of his evil coworkers. Someone purposely surfed the porn sites on my friend's computer after he logged off for work. My friend got fired for it even though he tried to prove his innocence. Anyway, months later they tried to rehire him when they discovered the mistake but my friend told them to go to hell. :lol:
  10. aw...that sucks big time!!
  11. I'm Sorry They Banned tPF ~ More To Look Forward To When You Get Home??? :smile:
  12. I can't access ebay at work which is annoying however it they restricted tpf I would be so gutted. In fairness though I only use it at lunch so I would be pretty annoyed if they did!:yucky:
  13. I wouldnt know what to do with myself if that happened to me!

    MSN news can only be read so many times....
  14. I always clear my cookies and keep no history. I know that they can still get the info somehow but they have to work harder for it.
  15. I'm so sorry you can't view it a work I'd go crazy. You'll just have to check it out at night.