TPF is so fancy now!!

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  1. Just wanted to say WOW, TPF is SO FANCY now!! Good job TPF team! How big is the team now? Or is it still just Megs and Vlad? :smile:

    Haven't been keeping up and haven't been back to the website in what feels like years (been browsing on my iPhone...was so happy when the app came out! Great job!!!) and just decided to check it out on a whim today and wow! where did my beloved pink TPF go? It looks great though! (Even if it does look a little bit on the corporate side :P) Very nice!! :smile:
  2. Welcome back! Yeah, the pink skin has been gone for a long time :biggrin: Would love to see a splash of color here again!
  3. Aww thanks!!!!

    We have grown quite a bit over the past few years - we have a small editorial team, a director of Marketing and Sales, over 20 amazing moderators, 1 admin (SWANKS!), a programmer, director of operations.... we keep growing! It has been such a great ride
  4. I calm so glad you guys have the app! The search function is really great and I like the multiple response feature. I use the app almost exclusively since it's a pain to boot up the pc and the laptop is sloooooow.

    I just have one question. Where are the smileys? I think adding those to the app would make it perfect!

    Thanks and keep up the good work.
  5. Careful what you wish for. :roflmfao:

  6. I want all those colors!!

  7. Hah that's great!

    Colors are coming back, don't you fret!
  8. Yay!!!