tPF is getting to me...

  1. I've received roughly one piece of Coach per year over the last 4 years (2 scarves, 2 small bags, 1 large tote). In the last 2 weeks I've bought TWO pieces! I have the crimson signature stripe wristlet and the crimson mini signature skinny on the way... (I'll post pics when they come)

    The photos of all your beautiful purchases are a bad influence!

    If I'm good this week I'll order my Ergo on Friday...

    Anyone else have a problem with the enablers here??
  2. No, I've bought so much the past four years, and finally settled with bags I love. Coming to tpf is like going to some kind of group therapy I feel clean but watching you all get your fix! All I can say is there is a lot of great Coach, just be sure you get pieces you know you'll use and enjoy.
  3. Of course! I adore what I got, just funny how my collection is growing so suddenly...
  4. I am doing ok now, but for quite a few months last year, I went a little nuts! :p More so with LV though and I now make a very serious effort to NOT read the LV forum!
  5. This forum is a big enabler itself. :yes:
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    YES.. I'm having lots & lots of problems... Its not even "direct enabling"... It's just from me looking at everyone's great new stuff and going " I need that too!!"

    Just try your best not to venture into other brand forums!!! That is when it REALLY starts to go down hill..... See signature.
  7. I was just thinking this to myself today. That I need to be on a :ban: from TPF!!!! I went from not even stepping into a Coach store (in July 06) to buying over 15 items. My mom says I am obssessed, and now I am beginning to think she is right!!
  8. I think it's getting to me as well. My 5 year old comes in the room and says "Mommy, stop looking at Coach!" She knows everytime I turn on the computer that I'm looking at purses. Too funny.
  9. Yeah, I find it does get to you and can make you want everything in sight but I'm beginning to come full circle and realizing that what works for someone else might not work for me so I don't NEED everything! There's a good balance there somewhere, you just have to find it!
  10. Yep, I hear ya. Just be glad you are also addicted to LV (like me and my Mom!)
  11. there's one official enabler that is very dangerous... beware...
  12. OMG YES!!!!! I have gone totally out of control since finding this site. (I wish Coach purses were my only addiction)

    Here is what I have bought in the last 2 months.(except for the pink one)

    Here is my Coach collection (I have been good here. No new additions lately. But my husband keeps trying to talk me into getting a legacy bag)

    Here is my shoe collection

    Someone really needs to stop me!!!!
    I have a serious shopping addiction
  13. hahah if i ever feel like i need someone to convince me to get something, i turn to tpf. am i the only one.....???? :-P
  14. Awww... Tell me about it, I bought one, maybe two handbags a year before finding tpf... no accessories mind you, just handbags. Since finding tpf i've gotten 3 new bags and went nuts on accessories. I think after I get my Ali (with a pce card that a dear fellow tpf'er is sending me) I will be done for a while.... or at least until a new catalog comes out.:shame:
  15. I have mostly ordered accessories, not bags, yet. :graucho: beljwl that pink bag is gorgeous.