tPF is getting some more 'Umph'

  1. For the new year, and with the recent growth that our beloved forum has been going through, we're in the process of adding on additional hardware and feature sets to the forum to make this place even better!

    Some features were disabled due to peak time loads (like the thumb previews for attached pictures :crybaby:) but I am sure that I can get them back up once the extra, third server is in place to take care of other vital functions.

    Just a quick heads up. I know I haven't been active much in the past few weeks, I am just being a busy hamster in the background, trying to keep things spinning in the wheel.

  2. Thanks Vlad!!! I appreciate all your hard work! :flowers:
  3. We appreciate it Vlad!!!
  4. :yahoo: Who hoo! Go Vlad~
  5. That sounds wonderful! Thanks!
  6. yay for you and the extra hardware:yahoo:

  7. Ditto!!:yes:
  8. you're super, Vlad:girlsigh:
  9. Thanks for keeping the wheel spinning Vlad. :yes:
  10. That's so cool!

    I have been wondering - and I hope this is an appropriate question - where the funding for the hardware comes from? Also, I'm a database developer, so I was curious to know what rdbms software tPF runs on?
  11. Yeah thank you so much! Long live the TPF! :yahoo:
  12. :party:
  13. Thanks so much Vlad! :yahoo:
  14. thank u sooo much vlad
    u're our ultimate sugar daddy :p
  15. Thank you for takins such good care of us :yes: