TPF is full of fakes???

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  1. I just found this about TPF: Ripoff Report

    I'm sure many here aren't fit for authenticating, but I don't believe the whole forum is full of fraudulent activity from people masquerading as helpful. All the same, until seeing these reports I never considered people would do this. I guess I'm naive.
  2. As a long time member here, I have never ever seen a single fraudulent activity. No one has ever wrongly authenticated anything or purposely done things to take out listings with malicious intent. I find these accusations rather ridiculous.

    On the other hand, all of these reports are based on individual experiences. Just because a few have had negative experiences doesn't mean the entire forum of members are liars. Also just because we do help, again mark the words TRY TO HELP with authentication, does not make us LIABLE for one's purchase gone wrong. What happens on the internet, who the seller is, and whether or not there's a swap for fake, doesn't mean that it's tPF's fault.
  3. Those reports all look like they're from the same person. There are thousands of users on TPF. It's pretty insulting to call them all liars. Jeez.
  4. Few sour grapes on the ripoff report will be sour grapes about any topic. No one is forcing anybody to do anything on TPF. I'm not sure why people are criticizing the authentication service. It's a free service, and has helped me as a buyer and a seller (many buyers of mine on eBay used TPF to authenticate my bags). If anyone has an issue, they should just find other ways to authenticate a bag, or just get a new one from a boutique.

    This forum actually made me into a better well-informed consumer, and helped me get a ton of information on great sales.
  5. Sounds like someone got caught selling fakes by TPF members and is butt hurt. And since when can you buy bags here? Ugh.
  6. :lolots: :lolots:
    I actually found some of those comments quite entertaining! Take this one from 2010:

    In one sentence, they're calling us ugly housewives who don't know anything about designer brands, but then they say we supposedly spend tens of thousands of dollars on bags! Which is it? Unbelievable!
  7. LMAO!! seriously at "be a good parent and take care of her" .....I have never read a post that anyone referred to being a "parent" to a bag or anything that crazy.

    ITA that the people who posted there are butt hurt over their own fake bags being called out here, or their fake listings being pulled on other sites.
  8. I read through the 'complaints' too and had to laugh:giggles:

    The first 'complaint' is from 2008 and signed......VLAD!! Apparently he bought 10 bags in 2008 which is interesting since buying and selling on tPF has always been a 'no-no':nogood:......doesn't he remember his own rules:P

    Maybe VLAD was looking to create some drama for April Fools Day:shrugs::roflmfao::lolots:
  9. Some of their comments are downright hilarious and I believe that those people are just delusional. No one is stopping them from paying for professional authentication service!

    I stalk the authentication threads at times to build up my knowledge and have learnt many tips on what to lookout for for those disgusting imitations. The thread has also helped me (as a buyer) many times, when when I ask for help with just pictures and not ebay link. The folks in tpf are fantastic and absolutely helpful.

    Really don't know what's going through those complainers' mind lol.
  10. Another comment I found hilarious was how we're all "intimately connected to eBay" and that the forum is just a front for sellers! I'd love to know where my profits are! ;)
  11. Reminder: It's the Internet. Any border collie can sit there and type in whatever.
  12. :lol:
  13. I can't get the link to work!!
  14. i agree.. never seen any purchase activities here

  15. By "Fashionista", the complainer means that she only purchases the latest and greatest of Walmart's chic handbag line. ;)