tpf is bad! get the e/w and return the clutch or keep?

  1. I finally got my first chanel last month during the Saks EGC. I bought the caviar clutch in black but that was before all this recent talk about the east/west bag with the new chain.I love this bag!! I'm debating if I should return my clutch and the get e/w or just have both. They both seem like evening bags so I'm so confused. I think DH said he would pay for my clutch so I need to figure out how to pay for the e/w. I have about $400 in gc to bloomies but the one on 59th st doesn't have it. Any ideas?
  2. i have the clutch and i love it, i think it fits quite a lot too... maybe keep the clutch and get a small or medium classic flap next time?
  3. I think that if you can afford to have both you should...You will definitely get use out of both!
  4. ITA.. I wish I had a chanel, any chanel.. lol
  5. I say get the e/w with new chain and return the clutch if you cannot keep both. Hope this helps!
  6. I received the black caviar clutch today and love it. I say keep both!
  7. So long as finances aren't an issue, I'd keep both. Both are timeless, classic bags that you will get use out of.
  8. try to get both,might be a price increase coming, not sure on which bags though.
  9. keep both if you can and if not, i would return the clutch and get the e/w ;)
  10. IF youcan have both definately keep them. I love love my timeless clutches, they are great bags and they can go evening and day. Not exactly a work bag, but a luncheon or a shopping trip, and suprisingly i feel like they hold a lot.

    The E/w bag can definately be a work, day, evening bag too. They both are functional in different ways.
  11. keep the clutch.
  12. I vote for the clutch!! It's so elegant!!
  13. Keep both if you can. I have the clutch & medium/large flap in black and I love them equally. If you had to choose one, go for the e/w since it can be used both as a shoulder bag and a clutch.
  14. If you can afford it I would get both
  15. I would keep the clutch and get a medium flap next time :heart: