tPF is Back... AT LAST!!

  1. OMG.. I checked the tPF every few minutes/hours... and it said that it always be back.. at 4:00 pm... then at 4:30 pm... then "be right back"... I was going to cry when I saw Vlad posted "be right back" as I thought it's going to take an indefinite amount of time..before tPF is back...

    BUT NOOooo... It's back now!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Vlad.. Glad it's back.... Hope you fixed whatever needs to be fixed..

    I didn't realize how tPF has become a HUGE part of my life.. :heart:
  2. Woohoo!! We're back!! So what did you guys do while TPF was being maintained?

    I went to have lunch and spoke with my SO who is still jetlagged
  3. Yea - glad we're back!!!! I finally got some work done today when it was down :shame:
  4. OMG i was going nuts :biggrin:
  5. :yahoo: it's back!!! I just got in at five and saw it was down but now i'm happy.
  6. I was going thru withdrawal symptoms!! Phewww, glad it's up and running again.
  7. Sorry ladies, I tried to get a hang of the image attachment situation and couldn't find a good way to get things done... for now. Good news is, the thumbs are back. Bad news is, I may hafta turn tPF off for another two hours later tonight. :sad:
  8. Oh no :sad:
    But thank you for all the hard work on the forum - love it the way it is! :yahoo:
  9. TPF - Much loved and much appreciated! :yahoo: :heart:

    If it's not online occasionally, and (so many others LOL) always are! :nuts: ...and. we know, and trust, that you're as nuts as us so will be back with a ba(n)g as soon as poss! :lol:

  10. :cursing:OMG NO!! not until ater 10 please :smile:
  11. Glad we're back!
    I think the PF has some kind of link to our PSYCHE!
  12. hahah i ws trying to work out the time diff. im going 4EST wahts that GMT and i couldnt find it out.. i was getitng soo upset. haha glad its back though
  13. Oh my, when I saw the message I really got sad! lol! I wanted to "see" you guys and see what was new! I was so thankful it came back before I left to volunteer.
  14. welcome back :yahoo: .... thanks god i was sleeeping
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