TPF is a bad influence. LOL!

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  1. I never thought that I would ever spend over $500 on a pair of shoes. Well, after joining TPF in March, I've already invested in 7 pairs! Everytime someone bought a gorgeous pair of shoes, I wanted them too...

    First, my basic good for work shoes:
    Black Kid Simple 85s
    Simples 1.JPG

    Simples 2.JPG

    Black Kid VP 85s
    VP 85 1.JPG
    VP 85 3.JPG

    Silver Greasepaint Yoyo 85s
    Yoyo 85 1.JPG
  2. Then, seeing FMD's Tortoise VP, made me have to get these:

    Tortoise 1.JPG
    Tortoise 2.JPG
    Tortoise 3.JPG

    Then, seeing the Celebrity picture thread, Nicole Richie made me get these:

    Sometimes 1.JPG
    Sometimes 3.JPG
  3. Lastly, seeing posts by Babypie, Bogeyjay, Sakura, Wantmore, & Zophie, made these a must:

    Wine Rolando 1.JPG

    Wine Rolando 2.JPG

    Wine Rolando 3.JPG

    Wine Rolando 4.JPG

    Now, I've got the nude patent VPs on hold because of Ashakes' and Kamille's gorgeous pics. So, yeah, my husband would say that TPF is a bad influence on me! :P
  4. wow, i love them. I love how Nicole made you do it. Gorgeous collection. I agree. I never thought of spending 800 on a pair of shoes, and now there are ones that it seems I can't live without.
  5. I love the Tortoise VPs and the Wine Rolandos :flowers:
  6. Great modeling pics of a wonderful collection.
  7. WOW! That's a lot of shoes in 1 1/2 months, teehee! I love 'em all!

    (BTW, please PM me to let me know where you got your VP Tortoise - purty pleez!! I need - okay WANT - these)
  8. wow !!
    gorgeous collection!
  9. Beautiful collection, I agree TPF is a "bad" influence but sooooooooo much fun!
  10. I couldn't have said it better myself! Seven pairs in a little over a month? That's amazing.

    Lychee--you have amazing modeling pics!
  11. Yep, TPF does make you want more and more CL's. lol I :love: them all, especially the wine Rolandos.
  12. Lychee - you shoes are gorgeous!!! I love your modeling pics too. Did DH take them? CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  13. Beautiful collection, congrats!! I know what you mean about is so good and yet so bad at the same time, LOL!! But I :heart: it!
  14. Lormich, Keya, Ronsdiva, Wantmore, Damieradict, Catcat, Lavenderice, Gemruby, Lynn12: Thanks for the kudos.

    I actually took the pics myself with my camera on timer. Do the poses look familiar? I copied them from Taishasman's link! LOL!
  15. Wow wow wow!!!! And WOW again!!!!!!!