Tpf Is A Bad, Bad Influence

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  1. I have been reading tpf for months now, but only have posted a bit recently. I was mainly an LV lover, but lately have tired of it for awhile and have been flirting with other subforums. Like here, for example.

    When I first looked around here, I just did not see the attraction of the Balenciaga City, First, Part Time, etc.

    BUT then I saw the Noir City with GGH.

    O - M - G !!!

    I just got mine today. I was worried that black would be a little boring, but, especially with the giant hardware - it is spectacular!

    I also was debating whether to get Silver or Gold HW.

    The Gold looks fantastic!

    I really can't afford any more Balenciage for a very long time, so went with basic black, and a good size for many needs.

    But it ain't basic!!!:yahoo:

    I also didn't see the big deal with the Fendi Spy bags. Sigh, you probably can guess what happened...;)
  2. Yup...I know what you mean...;)

    Welcome to the madness...:welcome:

    Warning -- these yummies often don't come in singles :ban:
  3. -thank goodness I am flat broke (well, you know what I mean), so there is no way in h%^ I can buy another bag of any brand for the forseeable future!

    Time to start enjoying the ones I have, instead of just looking at them in my closet!
  4. Same here....just can't have one!:flowers:
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: always looking for ways to buy more!!
  6. Welcome to the bad, bad influence club! :welcome:
  7. Congrats on your Black GH, we'd love to see pics! Bbags are like chips in a way...."just one" doesn't work for very long, LOL! Anyway, enjoy your new Bbag.
  8. Congrats on your bag! Tpf is definitely bad for the pocketbook and bbags for some reason are especially addicting!
  9. Thanks everyone for the kind welcome!

    I am miserably lazy about taking photos, but perhaps I will get myself together and take some...
  10. Congrats on your new bag...sounds lovely. Can we see pics?? :nuts:
  11. Same here! I was mainly LV...I just got my first B Bag a few months ago and love it and now I am getting the MJ Stam in black...I cant
  12. Same here :rolleyes: I have spent several times a day checking Balenciaga forum especially since the new Violet and Marigold Jaune coming in and I have keep telling my self that I will need to choose to get either the Violet or Jaune and not both of them because I will be getting the LE Magenta and need save so much for 2008 colors that I love almost all of them :push: I guess I should bugging my husband for more allowance :sweatdrop::hysteric:..Doh ! :roflmfao:
  13. I see you have been draw into this blackhole too!!... I joined the forum a few months ago and already I am in deep. These Bbags are an addiction... an obsession... and I cannot get enough of the vibrant colors and the yummy leather. I have stopped buying shoes (.... well, for now) to save up for another Bbag :p.
  14. I've been sucked in too! Every time I come on here, I see another great color or style that I start :drool:ing over. So far, I've gotten four bags in two months (though I have a feeling I'll return one of them when it gets here...)
  15. AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL, isn't it? BAAAAAD PF! :p
    May I suggest, chessmont, to take pics of your bags (which I'm sure are lovely) to remind yourself how great they are? I'm sure once you fondle them again you'll fall in love all over again!