TPF in Amsterdam?

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  1. Hello!!!

    if you are interested please post your available dates :yahoo:

    would be nice to meet in amsterdam centrum (Leidseplein) :P
  2. Where is Leidseplein? Is that the big square near De Bijenkorf? Anyway, I'd be interested and can work around any dates!
  3. Hi sorry for the 2 year wait XD but id love to have a Holland/AMSTERDAM meet!
  4. Hell, I would love to just to go to Amsterdam period! (I am in the States.)
  5. I'll be interested!
  6. This is an old topic, but is someone still interested? :smile:
  7. Sorry for the late reply, but I'm interested in the TPF meeting.. :smile: I'm wondering, are the members who replied in this thread still interested as well?
  8. I have no idea! But maybe there are some others interested?
  9. I would love to meet with some tpf-ers when I'm back in Holland ^^
  10. I am :yahoo:
  11. I'm going to bump this thread. Anyone still interested?