TPF I need your help for the perfect everyday bag!

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  1. Hello All!

    This is my very first post to TPF. I'm a fairly new member. I have always had an obsession with purses and and love to indulge. In the past I've had Coach, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, etc. I'll be graduating from college this June and want to treat myself to a more upscale brand for a new bag to start my career with. Either...

    -Louis Vuitton
    -Any other brand that seems to be class (won't go out of style)

    I like the finer things, but I'm practical. I live in Chicago and I'll need a bag that will carry on through the wind/rain/snow/and whatever else the city brings. I don't change bags until I buy another one. I also carry ALOT in my bag so it MUST be sturdy!!...

    -Big daytimer planner
    -makeup bag
    -pencil case
    -mini umbrella
    -body spray
    -body mist
    -other little nic nacs

    Can you all please give me suggestions!? Maybe bags you've used for a good while that became you're go-to? Any advice would be very grateful!
  2. I would say a balenciaga city!
  3. Congrats on your coming graduation! What field will you be entering? It makes a big difference.

    I love Bal, but I work in commercial real estate so I tend to carry more conservative bags. Except on the weekends - such as today I am carrying my Bal Club. Since you said you don't often change out bags you probably want to make sure your new bag fits both sides of your life.
  4. Thank you so much Kanebo!! :yahoo:

    I will be graduating with a Advertising degree with a double major in Communications. I'm hoping to go into brand management or marketing within media. I'm always on the go so some big Balenciaga would probably suit me.

    Thanks for the advice !
  5. Indygo,

    Would you say the city holds up with a lot of stuff? Or would all my stuff weigh it down?
  6. I would go with a Bal Work in order to carry all that you say you carry. I had two Citys and they are a nice size, but might look stuffed with all of your goods.

    If you are going for the super professional look you can't go wrong with a LV Alma. They are really nice and hold a lot while maintaining the shape.

    A Boston shaped bag with a strap is also a nice work option.

    Have fun choosing!!
  7. How about a Balenciaga part-time? It will give you more room than a city, but still has the extra strap option, unlike the work. And if you want something a little less casual, you could always go with the GH. And I live in New England, and have carried my bals in rain, ice, sleet, snow, you name it, and the leather just keeps getting better!
    Whatever you get, let us know and post pics! Congrats on your upcoming graduation!
  8. How about a YSL Muse? The patent leather one is pretty durable, and it goes with pretty much anything. It's very chic, and holds quite a bit.
  9. ^i love the Muse. it's so gorgeous :tender:
  10. YSL Muse or a Ferragamo Sofia would be great choices.

    Do you want hand , shoulder or the option for both?? What color are you thinking of?
  11. Wow!!

    This is a little sappy but... you guys are so helpful and generous with your suggestions. I'm definitely going to research each bag you suggested. I need a shoulder bag (with a crossbody strap preferably, but not required) and something with a bit of structure would be ideal.
  12. Well, Bals don't have much structure but my vote goes to the Balenciaga part time as well. Great size, strap long enough to wear cross body (although depending on your height the bag will sit a bit high, but it can be done), top handles so you can carry it as a satchel and you can remove the shoulder strap for a different look. But it is a slouchy bag, it'll slouch and collapse unless it's stuffed full of things.

    Congrats on graduating and let us know what you choose.
  13. I'm breaking with the crowd and saying LV--the mono canvas goes with everything IMO and they're very sturdy.
  14. Balenciaga as suggested above is a good option but as the OP said
    How would that work with the Balenciaga?
  15. I prefer LV especially in damier ebene for all weather