TPF Hawaii Meet & LV Field Trip

  1. Today was our first-ever Hawaii TPF Meet. It was fun meeting everyone in person. We started the day with lunch at Romano's Macaroni Grill, Ala Moana attended by: Disney4us and Family, Rileygirl and Family, Colleen03, Aulii & Daughter, JunKenPo & Friend, xoAKIxo and a bunch of fab bags. Sorrily we missed MemoryBliss and Emily K. After a loooooong lunch (we were serenaded) we headed downstairs to Louis Vuitton.

    Here's our "before" pictures (after lunch before LV)...Can you guess who belongs to what?
    Before 2.jpg Before.jpg
  2. How fun!
  3. We had some fun in LV checked out all the new products and saw the Look Book (thanks Disney) and got lots of cool freebies--catalogs, cards, etc. And some of us made some purchases. Can you guess what we bought?
  4. Sounds like fun, what'd ya get, what'd ya get!?
  5. yay i'm glad you gals had so much fun!

    rileygirl, i'm going to guess you're the lady with the baggy pm. junkenpo, is the red mj. aki has the baby cabas. :smile:
  6. you ladies are sooo tanned..i'm jealous! LOL...glad you had a wonderful day! I can't wait to see what you all got in the AM!
  7. The pics are fab, I love the way you are all lined up with your bags!!!
  8. Riley (to protect your identity!! lol!), Thanks for the pics!!:smile: It was so much fun meeting everyone. I wish that I could have stayed longer in LV with you guys!!! I can't wait to hear what everyone bought!
  9. i can't wait to see what everyone bought.
  10. I wish I could've come. I used to live in Hawaii (Kailua on Oahu on the windward side) I sure do miss it esp since the waehter has been cold here in MN. Glad you guys had a great time.
  11. It was nice to meet everyone and talk story. I'd hang out with all of you guys any time! It was so funny how much we had in common and some of the weird connections.

    I do have to give a shout out to my SA JH who was accomodating, nice, funny, and friendly as usual. And a shout out to my hubby and family who were patient and understanding....and for letting me "do my thang."

    I'll post pics of my little itty bitty after dinner...don't mean to keep everyone in suspense but I am tired and it was a loooooooong day!
  12. ^^^ Talk story. Oh thats sooo HAWAII.

    When i first moved back to the mainland everyone didn't get all my hawaiin slang. Slippas=flip flop/thongs
    Saying yeah? at the end of a question. OHHH now i' homesick.:crybaby: :crybaby:
  13. More pics!! How exciting!! :biggrin:
  14. Glad everyone had a good time. So who's who? What's in all those bags?
  15. Haha!

    Lunch was so much fun! It's not often I get to go out to dinner with such professional and friendly ladies!

    Getting serenaded at the table was amusing... especially when she asked if lunch was a "special occasion"! :roflmfao: (I dare anyone to try explaining a tPF meeting to the waitstaff!)

    Caley guessed me right, I'm the red MJ... although now I've got a brand-spanking new Damier Illovo PM to rock the mall with!

    Going into the LV boutique with like-minded shoppers really made the "first-time buyer" experience a special & memorable occasion. Rileygirl's SA was as sweet & cheerful as you wish they all would be... and there were snooty ones there, too.

    Posting pictures will have to wait for me, though... I brought my camera but I don't have the usb cord... and I don't want BF to make more fun of me than he already does! :rolleyes:

    So.. pictures from me on wednesday! I'm such a dork...part of me can't wait to get home just to do this! :p