tPF hacked...

  1. A few hours ago, right before Megs and I went to go eat to a nice dinner, someone hacked a few of our web host's servers. A few crucial files were infiltrated with a malicious trojan virus that probably loaded for a few of you while browsing the Purse Forum.

    I am terribly sorry about this happening, our techs are currently looking into which viruses were involved and I will post instructions on how to clear your Windows PC once I find out exact details.

    In the meantime, please download GriSoft AVG Free AntiVirus, install it and run a full system scan.

    Thanks a lot to Jill who called me and put an early end to a wonderful evening with Megs. ;) F***ing hackers. :cursing:
  2. Thanks Vlad..I logged out as soon as I realized what's going on.

    Thanks for all the hard work guys!!
  3. I am so sorry you guys have to deal with this!! This happened to us at work once, I had to work for a week to get rid of it off the main system! for me......thank God for MAC!!!!!
  4. Hi Vlad, thanks for the warning. How do we know asides from running the antivirus software if we have been affected? Would we have gotten some sort of computer error or malfunction, or is that what tech support is still trying to figure out? Thanks!
  5. Other than the viruses some of us seem to have-do you think the hackers got any info from our accounts?
  6. Thanks for taking care of everything!:flowers:

  7. When I first saw someone posting about it, I didn't think it was our forum... turns out, my Mac prevented me from seeing any trouble. So sorry guys. :mad: :rant:
  8. you'll know if you had a trojan download, just run a scan. . .
  9. :cursing: hackers hate them!!! Kinda happy though because I thought it was my fault & was gonna get kicked off I don't know what I'd without you all
  10. Thanks - I got hit with the virus, but my virus protection software quickly found it in my temporary internet file and deleted it.

  11. Me too! I didn't even see any of it. Well, this sucks for you....but.....

    how bout' these MAC's though, huh!!:graucho: :wlae:
  12. i didn't see anything either, just a few connection failures when i was posting but that may have been unrelated.. but i'm another one of apple's *****es :wlae:
  13. That's awful! Some people.. :cursing:

    Thanks for getting TPF back up and running and sorry this ruined your and Megs evening out! =(
  14. Yep-I got a Trojan too. I tend to use the same passwords on a few sites-maybe I should go around and change them?
  15. Someone asked earlier if any of our personal info was compromised....I don't know if this is related but I got an email today from a website called jamori. It was advertising discounted name brand shoes and a few bags. Did anyone else get this? Like I said it could be totally unrelated, but I don't usually get things like that. Just wondering.
    Thanks for all of the hard work!