TPF goes mobile- questions:)

  1. A few days ago I had logged onto tpf on my friend's blackberry pearl. I don't know if the new "skin" was available then or not, but I was able to view some threads and reply, but some images/functions were not available.

    • Just wanted to check whether this "skin" works for the pearl also?
    • Do you log in and choose the skin just like you'd choose "purple" or "pink" on the regular pc, or is it automatically chosen if it senses you're on a phone?
    I'm not sure if this new function is going to help my addiction Vlad..:nogood:
  2. Vlad?:wondering
  3. Thanks..its just that this thread was created before that one and I hadn't found my answer there. I'm assuming whatever I asked is true. It doesn't matter anyways, I'll find out next time I use the pearl. :shrugs:
  4. Oh, I see what you're saying. The mobile version started on the 13th of September, so I don't think you were getting the new mobile skin. Depending on the specs of your phone some functions may not be supported, such as posting and responding to PMs in my case. However, I was able to bypass this by going into My Control Panel, click on edit options, and going down to Miscellaneous Options. You will see a box that allows you to switch interface types. I find with my phone I was able to use the desktop version of TPF and still post and answer PMs by selecting "Basic editor-A simple text box". I don't know if this helps your case, but you may want to play with these settings to find what works for you. In my case, it was a matter of trial and error.
  5. Ooh thanks for the tip. I was disappointed in not getting an answer but that helps:flowers:
  6. - The new skin is available for any platform. To use it, select it in the skin chooser on the bottom of each page.
    - I had it initially set up to be chosen automatically for PDA/SmartPhones/Pocket PCs, but had to turn off the auto-picker because it conflicted with people's manual choices. :tup: