tPF Girls in Singapore

  1. Hello ladies!

    Anyone living in Singapore at the moment and would like to hook-up?
  2. You've got several Singaporeans here. I'm a singaporean guy, but i'm currently in London studying. :P
  3. Hey y'all! :smile:

    Good to know that there are other Singaporeans here. Think there are just barely a handful of us on tPF.

    Are you local? Or from outta town, Summergirl?
    [vogue] - you're such a rarity! Singaporean guy on tPF! ;)
  4. HAHA. im currently residing in london. what to do? i'm obsessed with fashion. hehe. oh. and i'm like only in college. :P
  5. Nymph: I'm local and a HUGE designer bag collector. Who's your fav designer?

    So nice to hear from other Singaporeans! We should have a party where we can sit down for hours and discuss bags!!
  6. I used to live in Singapore for my secondary school, but now I'm in US...

    I LOVEEEE shopping on Orchard Rd...And I still stop by Singapore everytime I go home to Indo...
  7. I'm not from Singapore but I go to Singapore once a year, usually around Spring time:yes: I would love to meet up with you guys.

  8. I wish I could afford to be a designer bag collector! :crybaby:

    Brunch/ tea to yak our heads off about bags would be TOO fun! Most of my friends think I'm insane for entertaining thoughts about, and actually blowing so much money on bags :shame:
  9. :wlae: Hello! Another S'porean living in London here. Will be home over Xmas if you want to meet up.
  10. I'm all for it! I'm sure we have alot more people chirping in
  11. Ill sticky this meetup for you....
  12. vogue, I would have never had guessed that you are Singaporean. I'm not, but one of my uncles lives there.... My mom and sister went earlier this year. I should have gone with them.... Some of my best friends in college lived in Singapore (and also Hong Kong, they were expats).
  13. I'm Singaporean too!
    But am currently in the US studying.. will be back for good at Christmas so a meetup around that time would be great! :P
  14. Oooh!

    This is too exciting! We should def do something towards the end of Dec! Will you be back for Christmas, vogue?

  15. I'm in Jakarta, but I come to S'pore often (several times a year). I'll be looking out for this thread, who knows if I can fly there for the meet-up ;)